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GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

^ I wonder if CN switching operations also still have a role in this and they still get to call some or all shots?
There was 5 tracks west of Etobicoke Station to deal with CN, but only 3 east of the station. There is 4 tracks at the station with the north track being used to service the remaining industries that still requires freight movement.

To have that 4th track as part of ML mainline service requires major grading where the track swing north to have a switch cut in to allow the use of the 409 tunnel. At the same time,, the current closing would have to be close off and would require a tunnel, elevator and stairs to the platform which will not happen with Woodbine station to be built to replace this station.

The only way that that 4th track could be use for service, it would have to be westbound only with trains crawling into the station to make sure that the late arrival fool does not get hit while running for the train. This is DOA from my point of view as a major safety issue.

As far as I know and stand to be corrected, the corridor is 4 tracks with the exception from Humber to the west side of Etobicoke Station, Lansdowne-Mount Denise and not sure about 427 area. The 4th track become an CN loop to the Halton Sub east of Bramalea Station. 4th track under construction for Lansdowne to Black Creek.
^The only area where the 4th track is close to being placed into service is between Humberview (Islington Ave) and Nickle (Jane St). That is the section that runs through the new platform at Weston.

CN has no customers in that stretch, but runs a daily transfer down to a connection with the CP that branches off the GO line just north of Rogers Road. That train may use the fourth track when it is opened, but I doubt they have any decisionmaking power in that. GO simply has to allow them to reach the CP and return to Malton. That will be possible regardless of the routing west of Nickle.

The Humberview-Nickle stretch will permit more frequent service - by allowing two trains to pass each other in that stretch. As noted, there is only one platform at Etobicoke North and that is a constraint in the Humberview-Airway section. Building the station at Woodbine seems to have fallen off the table, so there is no sign of progress up that way.

South/east of Nickle, we will have to wait for the bigger package of work involving shifting the Railpath and installing the fourth track from the flyunder down to Strachan. But that passing route between Nickle and Humberview will open some doors to more service, if and when ML is inclined to offer it.

- Paul
^ I wonder if CN switching operations also still have a role in this and they still get to call some or all shots?
The only CN that would use that track is the overnight CN-CP exchange job which uses the connecting track to get to the mactier

Also we weren't informed of the extension to nickle until 5 days before it took effect. We only found out from a operating bulletin
^ looks like the platform (and nearby pedestrian bridge) will provide a good vantage point of the construction.
I don't know the exact date due to the holidays, but the new accessibility platform is also complete on the existing platform at Guelph, and the south half of the platform is closed for construction. Is the new platform going to have the heating/snow-removal system? Progress at Guelph central seems to be coming along nicely.
^ Sure hope so. I used Pickering Station over the holidays and there was a very thick layer of salt on the platform. I wonder if there's a long-term plant to upgrade all platforms and install heating so they can reduce salt use?