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Glen Condos, The (580 Kingston Rd, Kingston Rd Dev's, 6s, Kowalski Kowalski)

The Glen Condos by Kingston Road Developments.

This looks like it could have almost been a decent-looking design if they ditched the faux historicism going on the first few floors.
It helps to anchor the aesthetic of facadectomies into the fabric of the city, for better or for worse. It's like faux-2000s development historicism: a development where the facades were supposedly preserved and a new glass building was built behind them. Some might call it witty; others might call it a joke.
Sorry, no pics, but drove by today and this is under construction. Couldn't quite tell for sure, but looks like the parking garage is approaching grade (either that, or excavation is just below grade, but I could've sworn I saw concrete and rebar).