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Finch West Line 6 LRT

And look at the supports on the elevated road. Someone with a sense of style designed them. Everything in Ontario is made of concrete and looks like it was designed by the owner of a concrete plant.
You mean the blue pillars in the first photo?

Those are actually shelters for a train station on an embankment. I don't disagree that they look good, but I'm fairly certain you would get some pushback from the locals on this as the station was opened in 1962 at the height of communism. ;)
Aha. I still think they're great, sort of space age. There are quite a few surviving concrete structures like that from the sixties in Ontario. How much of our recent concrete work is ever going to strike anyone as attractive? The Bentway, which I'm not criticizing at all, is a giant lipstick on a giant pig that the current rebuild is doing little or nothing to render less ugly.
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oh my god why is the photo resolution so low quality

Anyways here is a photo of what Finch West station looks like, they just need a couple touch ups.

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Lovely photos!

The new fleet numbers were only introduced this year, and they are getting applied only as cars are cycled through a heavier maintenance regimen and repainted, which occurs every 4-5 years. There should, at last count, only be 5 or 6 old units with those fleet numbers so far.

The smiling faces sadly vanished in 2018.
whats this?! next stop displays that DONT show CP24??!! what world am i living in?! 🤪
nope, just some signs that only tell you what is happening on the finch line. I'll take the one the TTC has over these anyday as they tell you nothing about what else is ahpening on the sytem.