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I just read my package and it says that Rogers and Bell are the providers for telephone, cable/satelite and internet services. Do I have to use them or can I go on my own and someone like tek savy. As you know Rogers and Bell are extremely expensive for the service they provide.

Many of these providers use Roger or Bell connections to provide the service. You just need to contact them and give them your address and they will be able to tell you if they can provide the services you need.
Just got an email from the developer that revised Confirmed Possession Date is Thursday, April 23rd, 2015...another month delay again
This building still not moved in yet? I thought I had it bad with Tango at leslie and sheppard. How long has people waited? Did you guys move on with buying something else to live at? or what this just an investment from the beginning?
Latest I got. Move in date east tower around 28 to 35th floor is pushed back to early May.
Can someone in the west tower that has already received keys please take some pictures of the progress in the amenity area? also the progress of the lobby and hallways etc?
Well, well, well,.... I guess pigs really can fly!

First photo shows moving truck!!!! There was a number of moving trucks on Wednesday the 25th,... to the 32 storey West Tower. At night, many lights on,... mainly on higher level where work is still being done and workers forgot to turn off the light,.... a few lights on lower levels units likely from new tenants.

2nd photo shows lobby for 32 storey West Tower,... still no trim,... no finished but functional.

3rd photo shows lobby for 40 storey East Tower,.... seems to be finish drywall and now painting,...

4th photo shows western 1st floor food court area,.... retail nowhere near finished,.... what were they saying, city won't let people move in until retail is complete????


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Does anyone own the 05 units 691ft 1+1. How are you planning to put the sofa with the furnace blocking it now?
I really love the nestle building there as well. Really adds to the futuristic crystal look this cluster has.

Tangent: I would love it if the north Bay- Adelaide building had a similar roof as the nestle building
Emerald Park Condo is officially registered! Final closing for residents will begin the second week of Jan 2016. The developers have also announced the project as complete on their blog http://bazis.ca/blog/emerald-park-s-completed/

Overall, the project has come very close to artist rendition and is quite remarkably striking, especially from the 401. It's nice to see a project take design risk in an effort to create a landmark masterpiece. Certainly more interesting than the grey condos that have historically shaped the skyline of north York. It's refreshingly unique!
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