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Toronto Eglinton Line 5 Crosstown LRT

Before everyone starts jumping to conclusions and getting worked up, is there anyone in the know who knows if this was a simulated derailment to train the breakdown crews before the start of service?

When the Flexitys for the TTC were undergoing testing in 2013/14 they did this quite a bit.
Great catch Northern Light, I'm trying figure out what "portal doors" are. Possibly the underground entries to the Eglinton station from say the Yonge Eglinton Centre.
I've worked with Toronto Hydro in the past, they are quick once they get out there. This report is post dated at 7th December (date of meeting as you mentioned) but information seems to be from up to Sept 30th. Maybe this was the major milestone that Metrolinx mentioned at the end of September?
Maybe to do with ventilation?
On a more than slightly unrelated note, I did see the aftermath of a streetcar derailment at College and McCaul and can confirm this was Wednesday night.
I guess ARG1 needs to explain where he got that photo from.
classic disinformation based on an ambiguous pic
This image was being shared around in several places claiming this happened this morning. If its not recent then I apologize, I am currently living in Ottawa and I wouldn't know what the weather is like to confirm or deny anything.
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Maybe to do with ventilation?
Yes, the power supply connection would have allowed the ventilation system to begin testing, I think they talked about this at that September meeting or at least the previous Metrolinx meeting.
IIRC They said that they had reached an important milestone. They then talked about the ventilation commissioning and how big a deal it was, so the stories kinda jive.
Of interest to long time Toronto Transit sufferers.....Paris is about to open a new transit system, building on what has existed sine the early 1900's. There is a lot of press starting to pop up about this as the opening date inches forward. The new system has been in the works since 2016, but planning began much before that date, so some time has passed! A non paywalled overview of the project, along with some photos is up on CNN currently and worth reading:
I had an appointment in the yonge/eglinton area yesterday, so took the opportunity to drive (mid-morning - not so much traffic) and then completed the circumnavigation of the Crosstown route after the meeting.

Noted a couple of Bombardier units moving into the tunnels at Mt Denis. Later. I ran across a couple of units testing (as noted on the trains route displays) towards the Golden Mile section. The units, when in motion, moved at a pace that matched the traffic , so 40 - 50 kmh. It was painful to watch them waiting for a signal at a crossing. Not much to say that has not already been well expressed in previous posts by so many, except to keep, repeatedly, driving home the message to your local political show piece that transit, pedestrians and bicyclers must have traffic priority over cars.

On the western portions crews were out re sidewalks, curbs, bus stop signage...the usual final fitting out and detail cleanup. Eglington/Yonge was a hive of activity, and then after that intersection, moving eastwards, there does not appear to be much left to do on the surface, and the only activity I ran into was landscaping.

In several places the new separated bicycle lanes are in play. But there is so much left to do to connect the dots. Separately I wondered how the city cleans those lanes during the winter - plowing and salting?

There are signs of redevelopment along Eglington in many areas, and yet, there is much, much, much more property of underutilized statuses - ,semi-derelict, of little or no redeeming historical value, parking lots, defunct commercial and office spaces and parking lots. That entire line is just begging for a variety of instendifications, on and adjacent to Eglinton. Hopefully the new fourplex/walkup planning policies will begin to show along and adjacent to this route, as well as the midstory and taller residential infills.

And along with that, the street is ripe for rejuvenation at the pedestrian level, and I guess that is Eglington Connects? Its time for that to get underway in so many areas.

And then, with all due respect to Scarberians everywhere, I thought that the stretch of Dundas from Sherway to Hurontario (Hwy 10) was a sea of mediocrity, steeped in the world of the 1960's and the planning that was the rage then....but the Golden Mile! I had to renew my memorized visuals of that district. I know there are plans in place for much renewal of those many acres and acres, but not fast enough. Bring on the Caterpillar D11's - its time that 'mile' was levelled and we just start over.
Dec 7
Finally made it back to the east end and see LRV's testing as 2 pack. Counted at least 8 sets and the first time seeing them being tested. Every time I have visited the area, no cars on the line until today/

It was a patchwork of spacing between them as well directions. Moving very slowly.

I had to laugh watching 3 crew members clearing the snow from Pharmacy platforms as well spreading salt on it when no one is using it in the first place, other doing practical training to be ready for that unknown opening date. 2 other personal not part of the snow crew where doing checking of various thing on a list they had

After the crews left, had a looked at the platforms and saw a few things that have been added to the platform since my last close look at it back in 2021/22. Tap readers are wrap as well unwrap similar to other platforms I pasted. One of the 4 screens being tested wasn't working. Testing of screens various from station to stations. Golden Mile platforms show different screen testing, but the westbound display the departing LRV and show the next one in 4 minutes, when that next LRV was a minute away just about to hit the intersection.

So much for transit priority as the LRT green went to red about 30 seconds before traffic started to change like it did in 2021