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Just received my invitation for the design appointment. They use a virtual tool which really helps with selection in advance. If anyone has questions about the available options let me know.

Options add up quick.

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Quick question, does anyone have any experience with "Acoustic Underpads"? Seems useful but quite pricey.

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Hey Jamal,

Quick question for you regarding your appointment. How early in advance did Solmar reach out to you about this appointment? How far in advance did this take place before your closing?

Looking forward to hearing from you. You can direct message me too!
Has anyone received a date for "Final" closing on Tower 1 units yet? I've gotten my Interim Occupancy Date, which is in October 2023 - but still no news on Final Closing.
Hey, what was the initial closing/occupancy date they provided? How delayed was your construction?

I purchased a unit in T3 and the original tentative occupancy date was Oct 2024, and now they have pushed that date to Jan 21 2026. I just want to know if these folks are reliable? What are the changes they will push again?

What was your experience?