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Edge on Triangle Park -- 395 sq ft


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Nov 10, 2009
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Functional or not, what are your thoughts? I'm going to have to move somewhere much smaller than I'm used to, so anything under 450 sq ft seems unusual for me and hard to judge.

OMG .... 395 sf is now a 1 bedroom ?!?
it would be more appropriate for it to be a studio and eliminate the "bedroom" walls.
I really hate the narrow and long bowling alley units.
there's over 30+ sf from the hallway that is wasted, which would have been more efficiently late out in a wide and shallow layout.

LR/DR is really 10' x 10' as their measurements include the linear kitchen wall.
I hope the unit has high ceilings and lots of upper cabinets up to the ceilings, otherwise there is minimal storage.

the bedroom is small at 9 x 9'8" ... useable but there will have to be very little furniture besides bed & 1/2 night stands.
queen or king bed could fit if the dimensions are accurate. at least there is 7 linear feet of closet.

the entry closet is pathetic and an after-thought.
Yeah, that's mostly what I was thinking too. I'm pretty set on finding a one-bedroom because I need/want the separation of space...but finding one that's small enough to be within my budget and has a good and functional layout in a neighbourhood that I want to live in may prove difficult.

The dead space in the hallway and tiny living/dining were my main concerns with this one.

Minimal storage is fine. I won't have a lot of excess stuff.