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Long time viewer, first time poster. I purchased a Nagoya and had my PDI today. Question for those who also have a Nagoya layout. The master bedroom door is a sliding door that does not slide over flush with the window wall because the baseboard is sticking out by a few inches ( the sliding door makes contact with the baseboard first, which leaves a large gap between the door and wall for pretty much the length of the entire door). The builder claims it it is installed as per design. But it is very strange to me that the door cannot actually slide over to 'close'.

My question for the other Nagoya owners, have you thought of any clever ways to fill the gap?

I think my plan is to hire a contractor and rip out the sliding door to replace it with a normal door (if that's even possible).

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After a few months of deliberation, et voila (bye bye silly designed door)...
Has anyone heard anything about final closing? I spoke to the property manager and she does not have any information or not giving it. My real estate agent does not have any information either.
They don’t answer emails or phone calls. I guess they are waiting until rates go up and we have more problems with our mortgages lol.
I would be guessing the delay is on the city’s side. I don’t think the developer gets paid until it closes.