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Downtown Markham

Open House for the new Secondary Plan was last night.

The latest 'Development Concept' was up for discussion, I believe.

It was updated in November '22:

Glad to see some progress, if only we can get to the damn secondary plan sooner and get things moving.

I'm happy that they know key connections are the Yorktech, Clegg and Sciberras extensions, the sooner they can get that going, the easier for people to move around. Unsure about that IBM/Warden intersection, it feels it's going to be as useless as the Embassy Suites intersection (on Hwy 7) which I think it's an absolute waste and traffic killer. It shouldnt be there on trigger for cars turning westbound on Hwy 7, they have plenty of options, pedestrian triggered, Im okay with.

Downtown Markham Retail Update

To start off, lets look at the latest list of retail and office locations in the 3 main complexs of Downtown Markham.
Screenshot (3451).png

Here is a few photos of Downtown Markham, and it's current retail landscapes:

Above is a picture of the Nexus building. We can see a convenience store, a bubble tea shop, a art studio, and a restaurant. We can see that the BBQ Chicken place, and the convenience store, takes up multiple units, a very common occurrence in this building. The convenience store has recently been served a Notice of Distress as of October 26.

Moving north up Birchmount, still looking at the Nexus complex, we can see a medical clinic by the name of Downtown Markham Health, which takes up at least 7 units on Birchmount Road and Verdale Crossing.

The south side of the Nexus complex has 3 empty units - two that has a building permit that dates back to 2018. The other unit has another Notice of Distress, dating back to 2018, and the other unit is a new shop selling winter apparel catering to snowboard riders. Also to note, the west side (The back of the building), also has multiple retail units, which from the last time I have checked, was all empty.



Now, let's move on to the Signature Building. For the most part, this side of retail is much more healthy. From the retail list above, everything is the same except for Copper Branch, which is now a Grande Burrito. This building has a backside with retail units which are all empty, but it seems like those are not for lease yet, and might be waiting for Gallery Square to be completed for them to have retail in it.

Now lets move on to the last, and biggest complex, the Origin. New retail locations that are not on the retail list above is Glamour Aesthetic Clinic (where Subway used to be). Most retail units are taken here, aside from one on the north side.

Last update is Me Va Me, as they have also received a Notice of Distress recently.

To summarize, there is a lot of units taken up, and a lot of them are busy. But a lot of them tend to be empty half of the time, and many of them are taking up multiple units in each complex, showing a possible lack of demand for retail here. As more people move in, I can see it getting better. But for right now, it's clear that a lot of retail here are struggling.
Surprised MeVaMe has survived this long... one of the original tenants since the beginning.

Pho Ahn Vu should have opened shop here instead of Peach tree! $20 Pho fits the clientel