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News   Jun 13, 2024
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Downtown Grocery Store List (current + proposed)

Just visited Farm Boy on Queens Quay, in the new LCBO building. Very spacious but also brand oriented. Egg section has toy chickens with clucking soundtrack! Awesome ready-to-go stuff - couldn't resist the onion bhajis with tamarind sauce. Breakfast to go is affordable. Good bakery selection and own brand sausages in the meat section. For the most part it's pricey but lots of options. Not so many Canadian brands, lots of international food choices. Produce is priced average. Seating area looks comfy.
West of the downtown core, but Fresh City Farms at 111 Ossington Ave is closing, with their final day being today:
Blog T.O. mentions this on the DAY it is closing down? Some people might have liked to have had some better notice, lol

That's a lot more ft2 that they've done in any of their other locations. Their other spots are really closer to a Rabba in terms of scale.

This one will be a good 3x larger.

I'd be interested to see how well capitalized they are, that's some aggressive growth!
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