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Cycling infrastructure (Separated bike lanes)

Wow! It would be cool to compare before and after pictures.

It’s unfortunate we don’t have trees right next to the roadway (would be welcome in the summer heat) but I understand why that’s not possible.
This will make the cycle track a raised track and will improve the connection between The Esplanade & Mill St. (I am not sure if this means the City will do nothing on that short stretch until the whole contract goes ahead.)


Request for Proposal
Commodity:Professional Services, Consulting Services
Description:David Crombie Park Improvements and The Esplanade and Mill Street Connection Cycle Track

The Capital Projects Unit of Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PFR), on behalf of the Parks unit of PFR, and Transportation Services, Cycling and Pedestrian Projects Unit are jointly issuing this RFP for a multidisciplinary team that must be led by a registered landscape architect (as the prime consultant) to provide full professional services for the detailed design and construction administration to implement the David Crombie Park Revitalization Design master plan (phases 1 and 2 - Refer to Appendix 02 and 03), and to design and implement The Esplanade and Mill Street Connection, a cycle track on The Esplanade with area traffic changes (refer to, and to design and implement the integrated streetscape improvements in the public ROW identified in the park revitalization design.

Public Posting:

Issue date:September 30, 2022
Closing date:October 25, 2022
at 12:00 Noon
Pre-bid meeting:---

Suppliers are required to attend a mandatory meeting to familiarize themselves with the required Deliverables. The mandatory meeting will take place at 11am local time on October 11th, 2022 at 11 a.m. Toronto time at David Crombie Park, at south east corner of Lower Jarvis and Esplanade, Toronto. Refer to Map. Meetings will not be available at any other times.
Wow! It would be cool to compare before and after pictures.

It’s unfortunate we don’t have trees right next to the roadway (would be welcome in the summer heat) but I understand why that’s not possible.
Would be nice to make that strip of grass into a bioswale.

Trees and Bioretention (swale features) are contemplated for much of the boulevard, at least, they were in the initial presentation docs:



In parts of Europe, each following tram ADDS to the fine, based on the the number of passengers that each tram could carry. So if each blocked streetcar carries 70 passengers, the fine is multiplied accordingly.
Wow - now that is a ‘war’ on cars, and I applaud it. It’s high time that the pendulum swung further towards transit ( and cycling, walking etc) And unfortunately there are far too many car users who will flout any rule at a moments notice in favour of their own convenience.
That underpass on Royal York Road & Judson (next door to the Mimico GO Station) needs a rebuild. No left lane, which means motorists having to wonder over into the cycling lane to pass a left turning vehicle. No traffic signals (and no left turn lane) south of the underpass at Royal York Road & Cavell Avenue.

Too low for some tall trucks (3.6m clearance). No space for a segregated bike lanes (better if it were dual direction, which allows for emergency vehicle use). Narrow sidewalks to get to the Mimico GO Station.

Wow - that really, really sucks.

I would not chance it with a driver that is wandering into the bike lane. It’s angry-making, but you’re not going to win against a distracted driver with a two-ton vehicle.

Oh - and bells are useless. You have to yell (which she did at the end).
or ultimately when on a bike understand that if the car doesn't stop, you are the one hurt, regardless of who is "right", and slam on the brakes. Just not worth it.

I've had cars veer in to the bike lane exactly like that dozens of times before, and while I'm never happy about it, I just slam on the brakes. Not worth injury over it. Cars always win in fights with bikes, so when on a bike, make sure you are always giving them lots of space.
I've been a similar situation. I initially didn't stop because the car should have seen me as I was ahead. I eventually stopped before the car had a chance to hit me. It's just a couple seconds. I completed understand that people may react in any manner as it happens really fast. Ideally we'd hit the brakes but we shouldn't have to.
That's why I always check my blindspot for bikes when I'm overtaking on the right, especially now that municipalities are painting inadequate sharrows everywhere.
yup. Defensive cycling is a must, for better or worse. Just be cautious and if in doubt, give yourself space. "asserting" your space may feel good in a righteous sort of way, but ultimately, is what gets yourself hurt. Of course you may not see a car or have enough time to react, but generally in the situation above the car slowly shifted into the lane and if you are an experienced cyclist you should understand what that means and slam on the brakes to get behind them. She was ringing her bell for several seconds while still cycling forward as they slowly entered the lane.. just brake and wait to see what happens. Lots of time to yell at them afterwards if you want.