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Cresford Hell pls help!

I have experience with Cresford, all the way up to the top with President Dan Casey.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR TARION REP AND DEMAND THEY COME TO YOUR SUITE IMMEDIATELY. Relying on Cresford staff is a complete waste of time. The Tarion Rep, the Tarion Rep's boss is your path, call them every morning, nag nag nag. As someone else said, they prioritize their time and the nags get attention. Document everything by email, even after a phone call. Put it in writing as your record of events as Cresford will manipulate the truth of what really happened.

IMO, you should be getting a mold expert to come in and inspect the backside of the drywall and baseboard (they will cut small holes) and test. Insist on this from Tarion. You might not know how bad this really is.