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Condos with Full Size Kitchens & Gas


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Feb 5, 2021
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I am currently on the lookout for a 1 bedroom 1 bath condo for purchase.

It seems like I rarely come across units with normal sized L shaped kitchens with peninsula counters, gas cooking, and a full sized fridge.

For some reason, buyers have accepted the silly trend of paying over ask for poor quality cubbyhole kitchens along one wall with a built-in glorified minifridge. The last thing I want to do is rip apart a new built-in kitchen just to add a proper sized refrigerator.

While not an absolute necessity, the option for a gas fireplace and stove dosent seem like a huge ask if my budget is 500k.

I know that 155 Dalhousie has individually metered gas hookups for each unit, but it seems 1 bedrooms there command a premium (due to both location and huge ceiling heights,, pre-war architecture etc)

Was curious if anyone knew of any addresses to look out for. I assume I should automatically steer clear of assignment and post 2015 buildings , if my budget is 500k in Toronto proper.
To make construction more efficient, most condos these days (with exception of some high-end luxury buildings) have the same standardized modular kitchen layouts (with compact 24” fridges) for most or all of their units, often times regardless of unit size or number of bedrooms.
As for gas cooking, it’s rare to find condos with this feature because it is expensive to run gas lines to each unit (especially on high rises) — gas lines are not needed for condo units as HVAC is handled by heat pumps or fan coil units (some old condos have their own furnaces in each unit which requires a gas line). There are a just a handful of developers that do provide gas ranges and BBQ gas lines on balconies, one of them is Lamb Developments.
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I think gas appliances also require carbon monoxide detectors and stronger exhaust hoods (those microwave combo units do nothing). Builders may not want to take on the peripheral expenses of these requirements.
Gas stoves require exhaust fans that exhaust to the exterior by code but all new condos have that whether it is gas or electric. I agree that most of the microwave/hood fan combo units are not that powerful in air extraction, but it satisfies that criteria.
I'm hopeful the recession and inevitable work from home layoffs will kill off the 24 inch compact fridge trend and builders will have to actually try to offer a higher quality kitchens again in order to lure in buyers ( Im not banking on that though) The compact kitchen trend seemed to be sparked by the recent era of ridiculously cheap money/negative real rates and desperate fomo investor buyers who'd buy any unit.

As far as gas stoves go, it'd be nice to have if I'm buying a premium, but I could do without the gas hookup if the unit is otherwise a great deal. A pre 2015 style non compact kitchen is a must though.
$500k is too low of a budget, u can't even find a studio condo for that price, what part of Toronto are you thinking about? download HouseSigma app and check out sold data
$500k is too low of a budget, u can't even find a studio condo for that price, what part of Toronto are you thinking about? download HouseSigma app and check out sold data
I cant imagine whats going through the heads of the suckers paying 500k for a studio with modular kitchens. I think the data is being distorted by delusional part time/amateur realtors who are listing units for exactly what their clients think it's worth lol. In other words a huge chunk of the current inventory are overpriced stale listings that were put up months to even over a year ago.

I see many units online that were up 8 months ago. They will be forced to either take them off the market or significantly lower the ask.

I went to an open house for a 1 bedroom 1 bath at Bathurst/St Clair for $520,000 just 2 weeks ago. The building was built around a decade ago.

It had everything I wanted except the gas line.
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Gas stoves are slowly disappearing.

Induction is able to deliver roughly 80% to 90% of its electromagnetic energy to the food in the pan. Compare that to gas, which converts a mere 38% of its energy, and electric, which can only manage roughly 70%.

I use electric now, and have used gas in the past and would rather pay a little more for the gas.

Government efforts of trying to intervene in the free market and phase out gas stoves is silly, especially when theyve shown no desire to phase out cigarettes (infinitely more harmful to health)

It's merely the result of the efforts of lobbyists for induction technology manufacturers in China.