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City of Toronto's Application Information Centre


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Jun 26, 2009
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Wallace Emerson
I'm working on a personal civic tech project relating to the AIC / Development Applications portal / whatever you want to call it. You know, the page where you go to find information about new developments in Toronto:

I'm hoping to gather some information from people who use it regularly. Specifically, I'd like to know:
  • How do you typically use it? Are you looking for information about a development at a specific address, searching for developments in a local area, viewing newly posted applications, or something else?
  • What do you like about the AIC? (if anything! ?)
  • What do you hate about the AIC?
  • Would you be interested in beta testing a tool designed to improve the experience of using the AIC?
Nice! I use it daily. Would love to be included in a beta.

1. Typical use:
  • As a Pre-Construction broker, I use it primarily to get a better understanding of what's in the pipeline
  • Helps to educate clients more accurately on potential view obstructions, re-development in the neighborhood, etc, while purchasing a pre-construction unit
  • Just in general being more informed and transparent with clients on what's coming, what to worry about, what to be excited about
  • Ability to search by map rather than just addresses
  • Ability to download full PDFs of original docs
3. Dislikes:
  • No way to narrow down options by "recently updated" or a date field. Leaves you sifting through tens, or hundreds of projects if you're not looking for 1 specifically but rather researching a neighbourhood. This is why the NDI newsletter is so useful.
  • Crashes, often.
  • Summary of info prior to downloading would be nice. Something like storeys, last updated, type of development table?
4. Absolutely, would love to be involved!