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City Adult Learning Centre

Then don't designate those. I personally would love to see a redevelopment scheme with the old shop facilities in the north block of the complex demolished with all the associate vehicle ramps, and the retention of the more architecturally significant south blocks. Maybe see if you can bring a new public street up between the existing building and the DVP, and stick a 2 or 3 tower development along The Danforth.. You can keep the buildings while rectifying the poor landscaping.

There's potential there.

I think what is really needed here though is to remove the DVP on-ramp in order to create a workable site.

That wouldn't merely avoid the safety issue for cyclists/pedestrians of crossing the on-ramp; that entire ramp has created an artificial gully that could be erased, the marginal lost nature could be recaptured at the western edge of the site, above the slope, or at the very south next to the natural areas of Riverdale Park.

The DVP is already accessible in this immediate area via the Bayview/Bloor on-off ramp, I see this extra ramp as unnecessary duplication.

Removal could also reunify the site with 'Pizza Pizza' corner, as well as the adjacent Loblaws property on Broadview.
This would create many new interesting opportunities for development, park space, and possibly a direct connection to Broadview Stn from the south side of Danforth.