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Chengdu double decker: Second layer, BRT to be added to Second Ring Road


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Apr 24, 2007
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Chengdu double decker: Second layer, BRT to be added to Second Ring Road

February 26, 2012

Read More: http://www.gochengdoo.com/en/blog/item/2609/chengdu_double_decker_second_layer_brt_to_be_added_to_second_ring_road

Chengdu's traffic flow—a source of constant frustration for city residents—is about to improve, say city planners. A handful of large-scale road and transit construction projects this year is meant to facilitate better vehicular flow and offer an appealing mass-transit option in the form of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. A 13.1-km second layer will be added over the east half of the Second Ring Road, from the Jinjiang Bridge to the Fuhe Bridge in the north and linking the major nodes: North Railway Station, Shanban Bridge, Beixin Bridge, Renju Bridge, and Shuangqiaozi.

- BRT vehicles will run in the center lanes of the Second Ring Road Elevated Road. Passengers will pay their fare at ground level, and then pass through gates to escalators that transport them to the second layer. Ascending to the platform should require a maximum of 90 seconds, and because passengers pay before ascending to the platform, vehicle loading time will take 18 seconds on average. The BRT system is regarded by transportation planners as more flexible and much more cost-efficient than other forms of high-speed mass transit, such as light rail and subways, which can cost up to six times as much to build and operate.

- The six busiest intersections on First Ring Road will all be outfitted with flyovers or tunnels, and a second, elevated layer will be constructed over the entire eastern half of the Second Ring Road for the BRT. New pedestrian overpasses will also be constructed over the Third Ring Road. Construction costs for these six proejcts are estimated at 930 million yuan. A 1.2-km underground passage will be constructed to connect the TCM University to Qingyang Zheng Jie. A 405-meter, four-lane underground passageway will be constructed at Renmin Nan Lu and First Ring Road. The tunnel will accommodate both directions of traffic and will be constructed concurrently with Metro Line 3.

- Planners haven't forgotten about the Third Ring Road, either: The existing bridges will be widened to accommodate six lanes of traffic, and nine new onramps will be built as well. The two existing pedestrian overpasses will be torn down and two new ones constructed in their place. Additionally, enhancements will be made to a number of expressways connecting Chengdu to various nearby cities, and the second runway at the Shuangliu Airport will be completed. Steady progress on the Chengdu-Mianyang-Le Shan city rail as well as on the Chengdu-Chongqing dedicated passenger rail is underway.


The second layer will be elevated 12 meters above ground level with a clearance level of at least 9 meters. With a maximum width of 28.5 meters, it will accommodate six lanes, each 3.5 to 3.75 meters wide.



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Nov 6, 2013
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Washington, DC's WMATA has received the first set of its new 7,000-series subway trains and it is presently in testing to see how well that it behaves.

These cars will eventually become 8-car train sets, replacing the transit agency's oldest (1,000-series) rail cars which have been determined to be the least reliable in the system. Some of them will also be used on the new yet-to-be-opened Silver Line, which will serve IAD (Washington Dulles Int'l Airport).

In addition, the agency has upped the anty by ordering more cars to eventually replace all of the 2,000-series cars. Future and even more technologically advanced cars of the even newer 8,000-series are also being proposed to eventually replaced ALL of the older cars, making it possibly the youngest rail car fleet in the country!! ;)


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