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Hello everyone,

My unit is on 11th floor and yes, I agree with those of you who say that they feel ripped-off....

I'm really surprised that you have had such a negative experience moving into the building! I actually found our unit to be impeccably finished as compared to our previous condo. There weren't major deficiencies and when I did have issues, a quick email to the customer service team had someone in my unit within an hour or two.

I think it's unfortunate that you weren't told that your unit would have half-windows, however, upon our floorplan selection I assumed that this was the case with north-facing units just by the way the scale model of the building was being presented. The windows were definitely shorter for north-facing units because of the brick, and so even when we picked our unit (north facing) I wasn't surprised at all that there would be a half wall. I actually like having the half-wall better since it's the perfect height to push a couch against. Our other condo has floor-to-ceiling windows and I always had to leave space between furniture and the windows due to the window shades.

As for the assignment of parking spots, I'm not sure how it works in Charlie but I've always assumed that the lower your floor is, the lower your parking level is? That's how it is in our other building.

Good luck with getting your appliances to work! So far none of our appliances have failed on us. Who have you been speaking to on getting the appliances fixed?
What I don't like about Charlie? The furniture in the lobby! I REALLY dislike the furniture that's there right now. When I compare this lobby to Hudson next door, I keep wondering what went wrong! I absolutely love everything above Hudson's lobby and I feel that they missed the mark here with Charlie. The lobby at X is also really nice.

Hopefully the furniture is temporary (it actually looks like outdoor furniture to me) and that it gets changed shortly.
Anyone have photos of the lobby? I am curious to see.
I am not a big fan of the lobby at X as the lighting looks flat and the furniture and decor accessories doesn't quit complement the Mies-like building and lobby volume.
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my experience with Great Gulf. Will never ever buy any property from them. Upon closing, I got ripped off in the amount of $1,300 because their lawyers decided that I have changed the name on title. The name has always been the same and my lawyer confirmed this. When I called the builder and submitted my complaint letter, I have never heard back from them in the past 3 months. Very disappointed: not onl;y they have not opened the pool and all of the aminities that we pay our maintenance fee for but also they come up with extra charges out of nowhere taking advantage of the situation that I cannot back off on the closing day. Very negative experience. Looking to buy another condo- will definitely consider other builders but Great Gulf. #greatgulf
Any feedback on living in the building? How's the board and property management? Any issues with noise or the way the building is kept?
Saw a few units here. The building has a distinct odor no matter the floor and it comes from the garbage chute. This could easily be remedied, but it hasn't. Which leads me to believe there may be a bigger problem. I did some research and appears many of the units next to the chute have either sold or are for sale. So, what is going on?
I'm trying to reach a board member from Charlie. Does anyone have contact info?