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You're welcome Casaguy. I'll be in tomorrow and most likely the final day on Friday too.
Thanks for the pics

This backsplash sure looks different.

lol, different is a good word of choice. Why in the world is everyone's kitchen is in either white or dark brown?
The glass backsplash in pic 33 is horribly installed. Someone will need to redo this as it's completely out of alignment - not only behind where the microwave will go, but the entire length of the countertop.

thanks for the pics Josef !

pics 6 and 26 shows evidence that the raccoon is still in the building.
i hope it's found before the windows all go up, and he's not trapped in a vent somewhere ... don't want a replay of the mummified cat at THS.

i'm not sure if i like the black tile backsplash ... maybe it looks better in person. :confused:

what are all the markings on the glass backsplashes?
I would definitely be interested in a bulk window covering purchase. Maybe we can approach Aleens at Yonge & College. They carry nice stuff, including Hunter Douglas. I priced out a couple of options for my Foglia (roller blinds and cellular). Cellular is more pricey but reportedly has good insulation properties which would be useful for western windows. Unfortunately I don't occupy until Feb.

I occupy in February as well. However, we should try the bulk purchase thing. I will check out Aleens on the weekend and compare those prices with another 2 places I checked out. Thanks for the info.
I actually really like the black tile backsplash. I'd be sick of it after a couple years, but I'd really enjoy it for that long!
The all white one looks the best here.

Seriously though, are all Torontonians scared of colour in the kitchen?

possibly, but then one has to ask if there was a colourful selection to choose from?

developers and interior designers typically have a limit of 3-5 choices for economies of scale discount from suppliers too.
for some reason ... those taupe kitchen backsplash reminds me of bathroom tiles ... I'm not liking it~

was there only TWO choices for cabinetry colours @ Casa? I'm only seeing dark brown or white kitchen cabinets ~

thanks for all the great photos Josef ~ :D

thought I would just link all of your photos for easier viewing:

They also had a pine colour with the metal trim but it was so ugly that I'm sure nobody chose it which is why you're not seeing it here. I think they also had 1 more which would have been red...but I may just be thinking of the red which was for sure an option in the glossy upgrade.
I'm seeing very different types of kitchen backsplashes in the above photos, including 3x6 subway tiles, mosaic tiles, 6x10 grid tiles, and back painted one piece glass ... it makes me wonder if the one piece glass backsplash is standard @ Casa ??