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Brant Park - Floorplan

* south facing units should be bright; however, it will be fronting Adelaide and low floors so would be noisy and dusty
* N facing units might be too dark for 2nd bedroom
* very small 2nd bedroom
* I hope those aren't bare concrete walls - that's a turn off for me and a cheap out by the developer - one needs the extra insulation and dry wall for sound barrier
* plenty of closet space in both bedrooms - wall-to-wall !
* what is the unit next to - electrical panel or garbage/recycle shute?

wouldn't pay more than $375K for size and location
personal preference but I would have it in my contract to have dry wall and insulation as standard.

I looked at the floorplan again and think they would have made a better choice if they switched the positions of the 2nd bedroom and kitchen.
* the bedroom would be larger at ~ 11'0" x 9'0" and have ample closet space where the current closet and W/D are
* the new placement of W/D and kitchen could be L-shaped along the entry and left side walls

*it's seems to be garbage/recycle shutes.
* Yes, they are exposed concrete walls
Don't like it at all. Both bedrooms are too small. Can barely fit a queen in them without having to turn sideways when walking in the room. The bare concrete may be a way of maximizing space. No need to add drywall and decrease the size of the space.
This plan is very wrong and should have been totally redesigned.
It's next to a trash chute which is something I will avoid. The other major issue is that this unit is way too small to be a real 2 bedroom.
A bed would have to be shoved into the corner of the master bedroom, right against the window so that there is enough space to access the closet. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls would make it uncomfortable to do this.
The entry hall is only the width of the door making it feel very tight. The kitchen should be where the extremely tiny 2nd bedroom is and the Master where the kitchen is and the space where the master used to be could be a den.
The only thing I like about this unit is the walk-in pantry with the washer and dryer.

I have no problems with exposed concrete walls as long as they are properly done with very little imperfections. I have seen many condos that Lamb has done and the concrete walls and ceilings are some of the best I have seen.