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Discussion in 'Out & About' started by lovarkitec, Jan 19, 2003.

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    I hesitate even saying this becasue this place is getting so busy already!!! The best Vietnamese Cuisine in Toronto (and really affordable) is on Gerrard (east of Broadview) at DeGrassi -- it's across from Eastdale Collegiate and is called MiMi -- try the hot and sour soup with shrimp -- to die for. They have been written up several times in Now and Eye -- awesome family-run place that serves great food! Lark :p

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    Any vietnamese food is great food... the kitchen's are always suspect but $4.75 for a giant bowl of beef noodle soup can never go wrong :eek
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    I love the beef noodles! Unfortunately almost all the Vietnamese restaurants I've been to are in Scarborough (except Pho 88 at Dragon City in Chinatown, which is a chain with restaurants in Scarborough). My favorite so far is Xe Lua(sp?) at Woodside Square (McCowan & Finch)- they make the best noodles in my opinion. Hopefully I will get to try some independent downtown restaurants in the future.

    Beware of rip-offs! I ate at a Pho 88 last weekend. I took a look at the "extra large" bowls of beef noodles. The bowls were huge, alright, but the bowl was only half-full. The large bowls had about the same amount of noodles as the extra large bowls, which wasn't really much of a difference even compared to small bowls.
  4. I recommend Kim Bo on Bathurst ST. across from the Toronto Western Hospital.
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    There is one on Spadina - very close to Kensington Market Garage. The best :)

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    Are you thinking of Pho Hung, Geeky? That's on the northwest corner of Spadina and St. Andrew. My wife and I like that one - we call it The Laughing Cow, as they've ripped off the "Vache qui rit" logo for their sign. Out in Brampton, I used to go to Pho King (say that three times fast) - that's on Rutherford at Queen (next to the East Side Marios).

    Out in Kitchener, there used to be a fantastic one at King and Water (is it still there James?). Used to go there all the time when I was in university.
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    I like the patio of the Pho Hung in the summer but have been disappointed with the food there a number of times. My favourite for Vermicelli is at Sullivan. For Pho in Toronto I choose a new and clean one west of Spadina on the north side of Dundas. In Mississauga we always go to Pho Bo on Dundas west of Mississauga Chinatown on the north side (across from the Brunswick Bowling).
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    Oooh no don't go to Pho Bo... that place is pure snobs :( We've been there so many times when they wouldn't even let us in and there was 40 minutes to closing time...

    There's a Pho99 on Dundas/Dixie in that plaza with the Zellers that's great... and 24 hour Pho just down the street from Bo :p:p Like I said all pho is good.. except for that place just north of the rom on Bloor... I don't remember the name but it was garbage, no plastic spoons? Yes, metal soup spoons... they didn't even have the hot and sweet sauces in containters, just little dabs of them on a spoon, which was hardly enough... and like $6 for a medium? SCREW YOU> lol
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    I have never had problems at Pho Bo. I have been to the one on Dixie you mention but we don't tend to choose that one anymore. It has been so long I can't remember it. My favorite is definitely the one at Spadina and Sullivan... mainly because I like BBQ meat vermicelli. The Pho Bo is good for Beef Pho though.
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    I don't remember the name - but yes it is the one with the Patio (eating there in winter with the heaters IS unerving).

    The Pho they have is superior to what most places offer, with the right texture and smell (rather, the lackthereof). Turnover also guarentee freshness...

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    besty vietnamese food

    For me it is hands down Hanoi 3 seasons on Queen East. This includes the chic atmosphere the great jazz music the price and Hai the owner treating you as if it were his home. I love the fact that most of the time patrons who are complete strangers greet and converse with each other as there were old friends. But the main thing is the food . I especially like the grouper served over vermicelli.
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    Oct 30, 2009
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    pho 99 in mississauga, hurontario+eglinton!
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    I haven't been to his new place yet ( well, okay, it opened about a year ago ... ) but I was at the original Broadview and Gerrard Hanoi 3 Seasons a week ago and the food there is still excellent - though the atmosphere was a little subdued, post-Hai. His parents used to sit at the back of the restaurant and it was a true family affair.
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    When I moved to Toronto in 1986 I was introduced to Anh Dao at 383 Spadina. I've gone there ever since, only venturing across the street if the place was full. I won't claim it's the best, but I've never been disappointed.
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    Toronto, ON
    The noodle soups are so gross. I don't get what people like about it. Rice noodles have a horrible taste. Never again will I eat that stuff haha.
    Nothing else on the menus looked appetizing either.

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