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Alexander The Great Parkette Revitalization (Greektown BIA, FFLA)

Northern Light

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May 20, 2007
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The small, but rather iconic public square in our City is getting re-done this year. This is at the N/E Corner of Danforth and Logan

First a look at the Square as it is now:


Its a nice, if modest sized space, with healthy trees, a nice fountain, some seating, and adjacent patios.

Shortcomings: The space for pedestrians is just tight in this popular space both for passing through/into the space, but also for walking up Logan.

Logan is not wide here, but as a one-way street there is room to eliminate the parking and widen the square just a bit here. I'm not clear if that's being done as part of this project.

Mostly, this is a refresh of the fountain, and the paving, but there are some organization changes to improve flow, and to delineate the patios and to increase seating.





Project is currently out to tender:

honestly looks great. Are there any night time renderings, or lighting plan, as i hope the fountain, and statue are all lit up at night. But so far looks great, give me hope the city isnt falling apart.
The existing space isn't perfect but doesn't seem in need of reconstruction. Still, if the BIA wants to keep investing in the public realm, I'm all for it. As much as I enjoy neoclassical design, though, the proposed columned gateway seems potentially tacky. It'll all come down to the execution of the design.

The biggest gain in this project would be if Logan were narrowed in order to increase the total amount of pedestrian space and patio space. As is, Logan is wide enough for 4 vehicles side by side. There's no need for that much vehicular space, especially on a one-way street with traffic moving away from Danforth Avenue.

Ummm not the way a tree protection zone is supposed to work...........its supposed to protect the core of the root system from damage, especially compaction.............way too small. (tree on the right), hopefully it will be ok.


Also, missed this from before:

Any chance we are getting Pentelic marble for it? (wishful thinking).


Nice thought............haven't seen the material specs, but the budget does not suggest it to me..................but one can always dream.