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88 Scott - Opinions


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Aug 9, 2007
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Hey Guys, what do you think about this unit at 88 Scott? One plus den on 5th floor facing east to Scott St., 800 sq ft, $435k, $543 per sq ft. No outdoor space, but the unit will have 12 ft smooth plaster ceilings. Finishes are amazing, same as the Berczy. opinions?


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I think it looks pretty good for a one + den. Only two things I do not like are the lack of storage as it looks like both closets are pretty skimpy and the glass sliders on the bedroom (this is just my personnel opinion). Somedays I just do not feel like tidying up the bedroom so just close the door and forget about it ;) Here you loose that option. Ohterwise if it works for you why not
Yes I know, the bedroom does not have a real window but and it should be a little bit bigger for a 800 sq ft.
Just a general observation - i've seen this type of layout in so many new condo developments, to me its just the same old same old. So the question is on real sale - how do you distinguish your unit from the thousand of other condo units out there with substantially the same layout? Location of the building? Building amentities? Suite finishes? Views? I think the lack of a balcony might hurt - I think most people like access to some outdoor space.
It's a prime location, you can't get better in the financial district. Building amenities and Suite finishes are outstanding and the 12 ft ceilings is a big plus. the two main cons are the lack of outdoor space and the windowless bedroom. Just wondering for resale purposes what is most important..
can you repost the floorplan.
when i click it, the image doesn't get bigger than 3x3 inches
Lack of sun light may be an issue for this unit (which is why the price is so good). The windows are smaller than average loft units. If this unit gets direct sun light it would be a huge positive...
The 12 foot ceilings will make it feel much bigger than it is and brighter (even with the minimal windows). I agree the lack of a balcony and lack of windows in the master are a drawback. But the very high ceilings and great location may make up for that. What will the view be? What will the unit face? A street or a neighbouring building.
Thanks for the link :)

Unfortunately, the interior (windowless) bedroom is a deal breaker for me. It's up to you if you are ok with that. I know some junior 1 beds 450-550 sq ft can have such an arrangement but at 800 sq ft it's inexcusable, especially since its a) lower podium level b) no balcony and c) probably not a whole lot of light coming in.

If you are looking to get into the building either as investor or end user as cheaply as possible by going with a podium unit (12 feet ceilings are sweet too) then may I suggest either L2 or L3? They should be cheaper than L5 and though smaller, they are better laid out. Plus as I mentioned in the other thread, an 800 sq ft 1+ den seems excessive if there isn't 2 full baths. I see Concert did this with L9, but at that square footage it should have been a 2+ den or dare I say a 3 bedroom! I've seen Tridel do a very nice 3 bed plan in under 950 sq ft so it is quite disappointing to see such a large space not utilized as well as it could be (though I'm guessing since it is the former RSA building they are limited, unlike say a from scratch build).

Anyway, back to the matter at hand I say go for L2 or L3. If L2/L3 are going for roughly the same PSF as L5 I think it's great value given the state of pre con these days. If L5 is only available to you then proceed at your own peril. Regardless the location of 88 Scott is as fantastic as you'll find in our great city, that is for sure.
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The extra high ceilings is definitely a big plus and something you rarely see in new construction condos.
With loft units balconies are extremely rare and windows tend to be on the smaller side. Sometimes balcony space is overrated, especially when it's too close to a busy street or too high where it is too windy and not very pleasant to be outside.
With the high ceilings you could always put in some great light fixtures (tracks, pendants, chandeliers) to brighten the space.
I'm wondering if exposed concrete ceilings would be an option with the developer? That would create more of a loft feel, if that is something you really like.

The price is very good given the size and finishes.

Having a smallish interior bedroom is a bit disappointing given the large size of the unit, but you do get a nice sized living area that you can actually fit a good sized dining table which is nice if you like to entertain.
The kitchen has a dishwasher drawer instead of a full-sized unit, which is fine if you are single and don't cook much.

A fault I could see is that the unit is directly across from the elevators.
Also take a look at the 6th floor amenity floorplan to see if the gym or swimming pool is not directly above the unit.
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I just found this comparative unit at 60 Colborne. same square footage 800, one plus den, podium on 5th floor, 9ft ceilings, no balcony, but price is $515,400 without parking. almost $80k more that the unit that I am looking at 88 Scott

I think this is an example of the Colborne unit being overpriced, rather than the 88 Scott one being a steal. That said, the price at 88 Scott is about is good as it gets in terms of pre con these days.

Do you plan on living on the unit or renting it out/flipping?