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I just received a letter on the weekend from the builder. They are adding the cost of the blinds approx $900 to my closing costs. I don't remember agreeing to them providing the blinds. Anyone else get this letter? Seems like another cash grab... I wonder what other suprises are lurking in the closing costs.

Yeh, that sucks because if I was going to buy blinds I woud've at least gotten blackout in the bedrooms not these!
Our last 2 bills have been for around $100 we have a 1 plus den, do you think that is right? we haven't had the heat on at all, but we do have 2 computers and the TV is on all the time lol, I do try and do laundry and dishwasher in evening though.

They screwed up with our meter so you should call and complain. They later issued credits for the first 2 bills.
I think its too much since you're not running the heat.
My hardwood floor is completely ruined due to normal, day-to-day use. I cannot believe what a poor quality product they sold me.

Kyle says that I am the only one that has complained. He does not see a quality issue with the floors at all.

Roy G Biv, and anybody else who is dissastified with the quality of flooring, can you please let your views be known to management?

I agree with you about the engineered hardwood floors. I haven't complained to Kyle because there were other more important issues.
They get scratched if you look at them the wrong way but have not dented. They do get chipped if you drop things on them.
I have always had hardwood floors and never had them scratch so easily.
I just have learned to accept it, its only noticeable if you look a certain way with the light hitting it.
If anyone needs to get any of their 30 day items done, order a conciliatory inspection from Tarion, they charge you but its reimbursed if the builder hasn't finished things on the list or if you call to cancel before inspection date.
The builder gets fined $1000 if things aren't completed by certain time. NOT everything applies so you have to check out the website.

I have never had Kyle call me to ask me if I was happy with certain things that were finally completed.
Nice for a change!
Yeh, that sucks because if I was going to buy blinds I woud've at least gotten blackout in the bedrooms not these!

yes we got the $900 bill too, looking through all the papaer work, I can't see anything about blinds being extra or an option, will forward to our lawyer and let him deal with it.
I too received a letter outlining that I had to pay $4300 for my blinds. I'm in the loft building where there are more windows, we also have automatic blinds. All the owners in here got a similar letter and had an understanding that they were included. Nowhere in our agreements did it say that the blinds were an additional cost and that it would be added at final closing. Why issue a letter 1 month before closing, that's just not right or acceptable.

I recommend that you contact your lawyer and get them to address it. Don't acknowledge or sign the letter until you get direction from your lawyer. Perhaps contact the developer advising them that you're lawyer will be addressing the letter will be a strong statement from the owners.

Please email me your information at ericmfleury@gmail.com if you are in a similar situation or if your unit came with blinds included without an additional cost. It may be a helpful list for our lawyers to present to the developer should anything go to mediation or court.


I think the builder is running himself, which should not be allowed at all.

My understanding is that its' a conflict of interest for the Property Management Company/Builder to own units in the building and manage the property. It is also a conflict of interest when the developer is affiliated with the Property Management Company as it currently is. The developer has everything to gain when it comes to Tarion related issues. Of course they will not push issues if it will cost them extra in the end. This is why such should not be able to continue once the building is registered.

In my previous condo (21 Earl Street), the previous Property Management Company was the developer and they also owned 2 units in the building at the time of my sale. I had an issue with the buyer regarding this issue. His lawyer raised a big fuss about this. Luckily I was able to inform the buyer and his lawyer that they Property Management Company was let go and a new one would be replaced at the time he closed. My sale almost fell through because of this particular issue. I still sit on the board at 21 Earl, I will consult with our current Property Management Company and get his advise so we are all fully aware of our rights. They really are a great Property Management Company and have been impressed with them so far.

I'll keep everyone posted!!

I just spoke to Hashern Ghadaki at the 500 Sherbourne and he acknowledged that the roller shade cost is not in our purchase agreement. He also admitted during the PDI that Kyle never mentioned there would be a fee for the blinds. The guy was a piece of work, he asked me when I purchased the condo (2006) and said, I would be very happy with current prices. He also said, once you get a lawyer involved that the cost would be more than the charge for the blinds. I have faxed the letter to my lawyer and will fight this even if it costs more than the blinds.

I recommend everyone call Mr. Ghadaki and voice your displeasure and insist on having the fee removed from closing costs.
RE: Blinds

I have yet to hear back from anyone from the developer or the Sales Office; I left messages this morning.

Anyone who is in charge is conviently away for the holidays. Unfortunately my lawyers office is closed and I won't be able to consult with him until the new year.

My plan is to take this as far as is needed; if any legal fees are incurred then just file a suit for them to be paid by the developer.

Wish he would have provided his views in writing, so there is a paper trail of what he informed you. That alone indicates they are totally aware and agree that they are at fault. They are just trying to see if they can get away with it.

I'm wondering if we can get a group together of those effected by this and do this collectively. Are we able to post notices in the building and have a special meeting?

Write an "ad" and submit it to property management for approval for posting. After that, post-away.

Pay your closing amount minus the blinds amount. Let them chase you for the money.
DON'T SIGN anything ... once you sign, you waive your rights to challenge.

if there's nothing in the contract saying it's included and nothing saying there's an extra charge ... then it's up for discussion.

if you tell them to take them back, what will they do with them?
it's customized so pretty much useless for other projects.

regarding Mr. Hashern Ghadaki comment about when the condo was purchased and the current valuation .... WTF does that have any relevance to it !?!
Ya ... I'm definitely not signing anything without having my lawyer address it. I wondering whether I should send an email to them saying I received the letter and my lawyer will be addressing it.

It really is stressing me out, but I should let the lawyer take care of it and leave it at that.

Are you an owner in the building as well?

I actually contacted the Sales office who has advise to consult with your lawyer. They indicated that they too are an owner and received a similar letter. Might be easier for them to get out of it, since they are associated with the builder.
He hinted that I have made alot of money on the unit and just pay the charge..........He was a piece of work on the phone. He spent 5 minutes telling me why they installed the blinds (He never stopped to breathe). When I mentioned, I sent a copy to my lawyer and am waiting for her response. He responded with it will cost more in lawyer fee's than the blinds cost.

When I hear back from my lawyer, I will post her comments wrt the fee.
we did not receive a similar letter; we expressively stated in our agreement of purchase and sale that the blinds were included in the purchase price, we even made sure that we got darker blinds in the bedrooms.
As for the legal aspect of the matter, I do think everybody is on good grounds. If you did not ask for blinds as an extra or upgrade, you do not have to pay. In that case you were under the rightful impression that the blinds came as standard. I can only imagine how our building will be "governed" by a board with Hashim Ghadaki and his friends being the condo board. When the elections come up we have to actively campaign against them and to point out their conflict of interest.