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3 Bedroom Floor Plan

I like it. No silly sliding doors for bedrooms, good sized washrooms. My only issue is the kitchen. For a 3 bedroom unit that's a tiny kitchen. You at least need an island. But if you add an island it makes the space more cramped. I hate linear kitchens and they do not belong in a 3 bedroom condo. Just realized where the 2nd bathroom is. It opens right into the kitchen. Don't like that.
This model is a bit better because it does not have that small terrace in the corner of the living/dining so you have a full rectangular space. I was thinking that 3 bedroom it is not necessary and 2 plus den would be better and having always the option to convert it back to the original 3 bedroom plan. what do you think of the attached plan? basically I am removing the wall, door and close that make the bedroom behind the kitchen and leave it open so when you enter into the unit it is more bright and spacious. it can be used as a family room, office, tv room. This way you have 2 completely split bedrooms. Thoughts?


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It's pretty good I think. The bedroom beside the master is pretty small and I generally don't like bedrooms right beside each other, and so I'd definitely make that a den with maybe a sofa bed. The washroom opening to the kitchen isn't the best, but it's really the tiny kitchen that bothers me. I think you'd definitely have to replace the dining table with an island + breakfast bar.

I'm hoping the ensuite will have dual sinks too though, since it looks like a long counter.

Is a bbq possible on the terrace? If so, that's a great bonus. :)