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2 Bedroom Corner Unit Review


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Sep 20, 2013
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Hey guys,

I was curious as to see what people thought of this unit layout and how to make the best use of it. I'm not sure what type of information is necessary, but only two people will be living in this condo unit. We're up for obtaining new furniture as well.

We were hoping to get some pointers on how to best make use of the space. Thanks!


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Well, that goes to show my comprehension skills! I was freaking out, thinking I implemented the image incorrectly.

Thanks for the suggestion! :D
I like everything that gentlepuppies did but the wall + furnace(?) kind of ruins the concept for me. Would it be possible to knock down any/most of the wall to open it up? I'm guessing that the square thing is a furnace, and so is not possible to get rid of, but even opening up everything behind that to the window would be nice I think.

Otherwise, if you are inclined to keep the 2nd bedroom as is, I'd skip the dining table and do an island with breakfast bar like in gentlepuppies' diagram. Unless you think you'll be entertaining a lot, there's nothing like more counter space. And you can put a pantry/shelf where they have the dining table for more storage.

I think the 2nd bedroom would make for a great den/library with a pull out sofa bed? I like the floorplan overall, it looks quite cozy.
We'd much prefer to have the second room as a work/study area. We won't be hosting any events at our place; at most, maybe have guests over on rare occasions.
If it's possible to delete that wall between living/dining (I have a feeling it's structural tho)

My philosophy is to never hide the corner in a corner unit.
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Totally agree with the poster above. Much better off exposing the corner. Not just for the natural light but views play a huge roll as well on your investment. That den though seems very claustrophobic. If he needs the extra bedroom for his study. Then he's optimizing the use of the space quite well. That corner bedroom would be a great work/study area.
I was thinking that the den is merely separated from the main space via sliding glass walls (maybe frosted), so that it's not a little room but an alcove most of the time (when not used as a capsule hotel room)
How much work are you willing to get done, Drethis? Can you take down walls and create a smaller study and at the same time a small guest room? I like gentlepuppies idea, except, the study could be moved on the opposite wall, as the proposed one is in between dining and kitchen - could be susceptible to noise
The wall can most definitely be opened up (with the exception of the furnace pillar). I'm really liking the layout that gentlepuppies provided!
Drethis, while gentlepuppies' idea seems good, you could run into traffic/flow problems all over the space.

1. Dining table/chairs is blocking the door to the balcony.
2. Furnace is blocking dining area.
3. There is a standard space in between kitchen cabinets and/or island . Give it at least minimum 30"
4. The hinges of the fridge is on the left. You will have a hard time accessing the fridge as the opening will be limited.

If you require space planning consultation, let me know


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