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2.5 Bedroom in Monde, East Bayfront


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Apr 21, 2015
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Any thoughts on this unit? I was very interested in it over a year ago, but I've heard that this was sold recently. I still would like to hear your thoughts and criticisms of it. If anything, just for the purpose of (de-)validating any of my own assessments.

What do you think of the terrace and the view overall given that Aqualina is right across the street from it? Aqualina's height cuts it really close in terms of having the view blocked, but I can't tell how tall it will be in relation to the unit in this floor plan and so perhaps it could go either way?

I'm not a fan of the den, and so I would remove it to open up the living room. The bedrooms and washrooms are a bit tight, but I'm willing to trade it off for the bigger living room space.


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The layout isn't that bad in my opinion. Im a big fan of Great Gulf and Im certain this building will turn out well. I do have a few peeves with the layout:

-I dislike the long entry hallway and the fact the closet is at the end of it. My preference is to have the closet close to the unit entrance that way during the winter you dont have to drag all your stuff across that hall.

-Where that hall closet is now, would be nice to replace that with an entrance into the second bedroom and close up the wall where the bed faces the piano. It now lets you have more use of a wall to use as living space in the living room.

-Removing the den as you suggested would leave a large pillar in the centre because the heating furnace unit is there. You can't move that structure so it would be awkward.

-The terrace is fantastic, but you may be mistaken. The terrace faces north, thus right into the Gardiner Expressway. Potentially loud and dusty and not the greatest view.
Layout is not bad, lots of windows but that kitchen is way too small for a 2+D.
Grand Piano looks nice sitting in the middle but if you don't have a piano, what would you use that space for?
I don't mind the long hallway. Yes, it may be a waste of square footage but it gives a nice sound buffer from the common area. If I think back to the units I had with long hallways, didn't hear much from the outside hallway. The units I had that had no hallway and just opened up to the entire space....I heard quite a bit from the hallway and also they heard a lot of me. In addition, a hallway provides a nice space to put art. It also gives you some privacy from the front door. Not to mention I like the lead up of a hall opening up into a grand space.

The area where the piano is can be where you'd put a dining table and chairs with a hutch. Then extend the living room. The space isn't that big.

The kitchen is on the small side but you can easily add some extra storage. I hate that a bachelor will have the same sized applicances as a 2+D. I guess that's my major beef.
It won't solve the awkward coat closet issue, but 2.5 baths for a 2 bedroom seems rich, and maybe you might want to forgo the powder room for a bigger living space and light at the end of the entry hall: