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1220-1230 Dupont ( 9s mixed use )


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Sep 3, 2008
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Yonge & Bloor
Application: Zoning Review Status: Not Started

Location: 1220 DUPONT ST

Ward 18: Davenport

Application#: 13 134903 ZPR 00 ZR Accepted Date: Mar 18, 2013

Project: Apartment Building New Building

Description: Proposal to construct new 9 storey mixed use with residential building (1220-1230 Dupont St) consisting of 30 studios and 2 retail units

this area has a lot of potential; a bit of a forgotten area to new development. I hope the Galleria eventually gets totally redone and some nice mid-rise buildings get built up to the sidewalk in the current parking lot.
There was a propsoal a decade ago by the owners of the Galleria calling for a redevelopment of the entire property for approx. 1,600 units in buildings ranging from 6-20 storeys in height. More info on here. Nothing ever came of it.

For those of us growing up in the West End, the Galleria has always been an enigma. A running joke for its unstylish interiors and gloomy ambiance. Even the much ridiculed Dufferin Mall appears to be light years ahead. Based on observations of these two in recent years, the gap seems to be widening too. The Galleria has also been on a steady decline. I remember the days where neighbourhood kids would congregate on Saturdays for the weekly card show. There also used to an annual carnival in the back parking lot. Those used to be the days, but feel like an eternity ago. The loss of Zellers has shifted it into further irrelevance. I can't imagine any realistic tenant to fill up such a large space.

Though it's baffling how the Galleria continues to chug along and survive, acting as a gathering place for independent retailers and various immigrant groups. Overall, the mood feels like a cross between a flea market and shopping mall. The other tenants form a tight knit community that just perseveres against all odds. Many of these shops have been around ever since I was a boy. Though disconnected with mainstream society, the Galleria acts as a one-of-kind time capsule. When Zellers closed down, I thought that would have been the perfect moment to redevelop. But with new investment in the form of Dollerama and PC's renovation into FreshCo, the Galleria appears to be staying put for the foreseeable future. My ideal vision includes well designed mid-rise buildings, landscaped urban spaces for the community and improved pedestrian circulation. This dream will likely have to wait though until someday. My love/hate relationship will live on.
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