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1000 Bay or Yorkville Plaza, which one is better?

It's still early to get numbers but word is this project did well over the weekend (particularly the studios and 1 beds, obviously).

EDIT - I'm referring to 1000 Bay.
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I don't understand why people would purchase at $750 psf unless buying with cash.

If they're charging $750 psf a 500 square foot 1 bedroom costs $375,000. With 25% deposit you would have to carry 281,250 once the building is registered.

That's about $1500 a month.

Add on about 250-300 per month for maintenance and 180 a month for taxes and the total is pushing $2000 a month.

Would a 1 bedroom rental be able to pull in 2000 a month 4 years from now?

Its very risky to speculate on capital appreciation right now, but if your doing it I hope it works out.