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1 or 1+1 downtown with parking ~300k?


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Apr 26, 2010
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I was wondering if it was possible to buy a 1 bedroom or 1+1 downtown for 300-320k (parking included). The size I'm looking for is roughly 600 sqft, which seems that it can be a 1 bd or 1+1 depending on the condo and their sizes.

My timeline is 1-3 years, so I've mainly been looking at pre-construction. I've looked at various places, and I was wondering if my budget is too low? It seems like most places require you to purchase suites ~$320k before you can buy a parking spot, which pushes it up to >350k.

Any advice is appreciated.

Currently there aren't a lot of places that size and price. Most would go for closer to $350 000. However, if you wait a while (a year) I think it'll have come down to be much closer to what you're looking for.
i have a 1 bedroom unit with a locker for sale (assignment) in dt Toronto available immediately.
there is no parking but you can still buy one from the developer.
PM for details if you are interested.
Try Market Wharf by Context in St. Lawrence Market. Occupancy is scheduled to start next summer with units in the tower the next year. I bought a 680 sq ft for 300k plus $30k parking in the podium part of the bldg.
Thanks! I'll check out Market Wharf over the weekend. I hope they still have decent units left.

I know there may be a correction... just not too sure if it'll go down to the price level I'm looking for.
I suspect you won't see much of a drop in the lower dollar ranges though you may be able to get some options thrown in (like blinds, locker etc).
I have 2 assignments for key west condos at park lawn and lakeshore on the 23rd floor facing SOUTH unit 2301 1bedroom +Media 595+75sqft balcony includes parking and locker with cap on levies for $329,900 and another unit beside it 2302 1 bedroom + Den 630+80sqft balcony parking and locker included for $353,900 levies capped 9ft ceilings, all stainless steel appliances ,granite counter tops etc.. email me if you are interested we can about price and can send pictures of what the area is going to look like with a good view of the lake
I got mine at King West area for 315K for a 1+1 with parking. Still going up right now and should be completed by mid 2016.
I got mine at King West area for 315K for a 1+1 with parking. Still going up right now and should be completed by mid 2016.

Which building did you buy in if you don't mind me asking. Been looking for a while, that price seems good.