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1 Bed - 1 Dee Park Cr


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Oct 17, 2008
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652 sqft, thoughts?



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Tight little kitchen but nice and wide 11ft living room with a proper foyer and decent useable size balcony. Washroom close to bedroom. Thumbs up.
I think this is a good floor plan - i like the fact that both the living area and bedroom open up to the balcony which seems like a pretty usable space; the kitchen is tiny but for the square footage its pretty good. I like the entryway with the closet - its nice to have a transitional space - I hate walking right into a kitchen which seems pretty standard design layout these days. I like the fact the bathroom can be accessed without going through the bedroom but at the sametime, since its right across from the bedroom door - you almost have a private ensuite.
Nice layout. The kitchen is too small IMO. If you ever wanted to reno-it, you'd be able to make it bigger so not a huge deal. Big bedroom and big LR. Walk in closet is a nice touch. Again, my only issue is the size of the kitchen. It's good for a bachelor IMO.