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    Toronto | Pinnacle Uptown: Crystal Condominiums | ?m | 28s | Pinnacle | Richmond Architects

    getting there The sign for sales office is up (pinnacle uptown) Anyone have a idea what will be starting price. I been waiting for this project for investment. thanks.
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    684 Warden Ave

    more info please Hi, please provide more info about this area. who is building and if you have link to price list. thanks.
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    Widesuites (Conservatory Group) - Real Estate -

    owner The layouts in this condo are amazing. especially the corner unit 03s. I also leased about 6 units at this condo. Demand is high.
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    Widesuites (Conservatory Group) - Real Estate -

    I checked couple of corner units, facing south/east/ All I have to say amazing layout, view of the lake. waw After 4 years of waiting, I am impressed with what I saw. Lobby is alright, the location is great, but the view You have to see it to believe. it. 3 balcony one for living room, 1 for...
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    Toronto | Widesuites Condominiums | ?m | 35s | Conservatory Group | Richmond Architects

    Anyone purchased a unit from this builder? When are you suppose to move in?
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    Why do you buy pre-construction real estate?

    here is my story Back in September 2007 I purchased a condo (I was single). The sales person said the closing will be July 2008. Paid 10% down over 4 month. May 2008 Received a letter That closing date change to January 2009. I was little mad but Couldn't do much. accepted it. September...
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    condo closing question

    k Thanks a lot for all the help.
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    condo closing question

    ok Alright, in my agreement When I purchased I paid 10%. And schedule to pay 10% on closing. SO all I have to do is Get a lawyer to do the closing and Have the 10% ready for the builder. Is there any ways I can find out How much I will be paying rent to builder? How do they figure Rent/month...
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    condo closing question

    what about mortgage DO I need to get my mortgage finalized before I move in or that can wait till the unit ready to be registered to my name. I been always in favor of Variable rates. What you guys think.
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    condo closing question

    k Thank you all.
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    condo closing question

    I purchased a condo from builder. occupancy date is set for March 8 2011. Do I need a Mortgage for this date or I just pay the balance I owe to builder? Do I have to open a account for hydro right away? How long It usually takes the builder to transfer the title to my name? Can I get a line of...
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    looking to join a brokerage

    k No reply, Did I something wrong. hahaha.
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    Looking to invest in condo, but don't know where

    If you are thinking of buying for investment. I recommend buying a town house. Condo's are little tricky, your money can be stuck for years before you take over possession, It tend to Fall back 2-4 years from their schedule date. be very careful with condos, at the same time you don't make...
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    Buying a Condo for Rent, best locations?

    Mississauga, there is a new college opening soon.
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    Looking to invest in condo, but don't know where

    Down Town or Mississauga, the only two area I would ever buy condo.