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    PM Justin Trudeau's Canada

    Mobility rights are part of Section 6 of the Charter. The notwithstanding clause allows Parliament to override Section 2 and 7-15 of the Charter.
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    PM Justin Trudeau's Canada

    The problem is once they become PRs, you can't force people to live somewhere. It would violate charter rights. I believe that most of us are not okay with the government restricting where we can live. I know that I am not.
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    2022 Russian-Ukrainian War

    How many wars have these Europeans fought in the last thirty years? My guess is more people from North America have seen real combat than European conscripts.
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    Planned Sprawl in the GTA "In September, a company run by a prominent Ontario developer paid $80 million for two parcels of land that could not be developed. Totalling nearly 700 acres, they sit entirely within Ontario’s protected Greenbelt. Weeks later...
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    Toronto | Hospital For Sick Children: Patient Support Centre | 99.06m | 22s | Sick Kids | B+H

    There are contractors working on pricing. I know that PCL gave a presentation in the summer on the next phase already.
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    Planned Sprawl in the GTA

    Seems bizarre if that is the case. As you said, the growth is east and north of Newmarket (Bradford, Queensville, Sharon, etc.) not west in King Township. Innisfil at least is a growing town.
  7. wopchop

    Planned Sprawl in the GTA

    There are parking lots to both east and south. The lot to the east is easily the size of the current hospital. The one to the south is smaller but still substantial. There are other lots in town on Davis drive that could maybe be purchased too. Almost everything across the street on the north...
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    Planned Sprawl in the GTA "Records show that Greenlane Bathurst GP Inc. is the owner of the land located west of Bathurst Street and south of Miller’s Sideroad in King Township — land currently designated...
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    Oakville custom home architecture

    Sorry, yes, Sixteen Mile Creek You would be surprised how much mansion redevelopment is happening west of Dorval to Third Line. All along Bridge and the streets off of it. The area around Bridge & Warminster especially has a lot. I would definitely say more than East of Dorval to Kerr, where...
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    General railway discussions

    And perhaps one day we too can gain a lucrative high speed rail consulting contact!
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    I believe that a lot of these demolitions have to do with the Cross Avenue realignment.
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    Oakville custom home architecture

    I'm looking at realtor now, west of Dorval and there are definitely bungalow lots in the range that I quoted. I wasn't really referring to anywhere east of the Thirteen Mile Creek, as that is a different universe.
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    Oakville custom home architecture

    Yes you are right. Not sure why I wrote it that way. What I meant was the construction cost. I would not include the real estate value, because it does not accurately reflect the $ spent on the new home construction itself. The dollars spent on the land and original house isn't helping make a...
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    Hoverlink - Toronto to Niagara Hovercraft service starting 2023

    Monorail What's it called? Monorail That's right! Monorail!
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    Oakville custom home architecture

    Completely agree. My explanation wasn't meant as an excuse, more as some context to the idea that owners are tasteless. I would say that most owners who are building a house are concerned only with interior finishes, focusing their money on that. Mostly they are completely clueless about...