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    Toronto | Kipling Station Transit Hub | ?m | 2s | Metrolinx | SAI

    Nah, too expensive. Just have an express bus from KIpling's TTC terminal to the transit hub instead.
  2. Tuscani01

    849 Eglinton Avenue East (Mercedes-Benz Midtown Dealership)

    Correct about CT. Should be done and open sometime in 2024.
  3. Tuscani01

    Lost Road: Fifth Line West

    Feels like that was just yesterday. We were one of the first houses to occupy in that subdivision off 2nd Line (Circled in red on the left). The day we moved in, it was still a farm across the street and land was just starting to be cleared for the houses you see there. We moved shortly after...
  4. Tuscani01

    Lost Road: Fifth Line West

    Silken Laumann. My parents still refuse to call it that to this day though. You can't even bring it up without it turning into a heated discussion. 😂 We lived right at the end of the street where it now meets Bancroft. My Aunt/cousins lived across the 401 in Meadowvale, so it ruined the quick...
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    Lost Road: Fifth Line West

    Not for nothing! I enjoyed this. I used to live on Second Line which also got a similar chopping up while I was growing up. I remember a girl across the street lost her life when she was run over, and the community was so mad that they pressured to have it chopped up into smaller streets to...
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    Toronto | 2180 Yonge | 253.5m | 70s | Oxford Properties | Pelli Clarke Pelli

    Even with a hybrid model, there's still a need for more space at CT. Keep in mind that CT not only leases space at 2180/2190, but also throughout other office buildings in the area and GTA. CT REIT owns 50% of Canada Square, so the incentive to consolidate within the property is high. You are...
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    Toronto | Wesley Tower at Daniels City Centre | ?m | 43s | Daniels | Rafael + Bigauskas

    There is nothing wrong with tower in the park when the park is actually a park. The issue people have with tower in the park isn't the fact that there are parks... it's the fact that what should've been parks ended up becoming private amenity space, parking lots, and parking garage ramps. This...
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    Square One Office Building (219 Rathburn Road W, ?m, 19s, Oxford, ?)

    I’m pretty sure that’s the GO station parking lot, owned by Metrolinx.
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    That's still podium that you are seeing. Tower hasn't started to rise yet - and willnot be curved.
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    Rees Park (318 Queens Quay, City of Toronto)

    From the YQNA:
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    Toronto | Plant, The | 35.96m | 10s | Curated Properties

    Looked great in the sunset this evening
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    Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport / Porter Airlines

    I wouldn't be so certain of that. Porter has cash behind it, and very few costs right now since operations have been shut down. It's cash bleed at the moment is minimal compared to airlines like WestJet and AC who continue to have large payrolls and continue to run some routes that aren't being...
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    Roads: Bathurst Street Bridge

    There appears to be some nice lighting on at night, but I'm not sure if its just temporary lighting for construction (are they doing night work?) or if its new permanent lighting.
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    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    I mean, we would afford it if we defunded police, stopped funding military, eliminated oil subsidies, and increased taxes on the wealthiest - but the same people crying for subways everywhere are the same people against doing all of those things.