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    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    From the second link: So at least the hospitalization rate is fairly unchanged...for now.
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    Toronto PATH Retail

    We took the path this snowy Sunday and was glad it was opened. It was very quite - it was also nice to see some areas still had Xmas decorations up. I feel for the shops there, but I really don't think traffic will ever return to pre-pandemic stage. It'll get much better for sure, but I do...
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    Toronto | St Lawrence Market North | 25.3m | 5s | City of Toronto | Rogers Stirk Harbour

    Yeah it was the archaeological find that really slowed down this project IIRC.
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    Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (nCoV-2019)

    It feels like booster shots are happening really slowly. It seems like it's been 70+ for some time now. I'm looking forward to the booster shot, but not the scheduling part if it's going to be like the first two shots.
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    St Lawrence Market

    I like option 2 mostly because of the warming stations, cooling mists, and being able to refill water bottles. I can see these things being a magnet for more homeless people, but I don't think that's a good reason to not have them when they can benefit everyone else as well. Now, I'm not crazy...
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    Working from home vs. commuting to work during and after the pandemic

    There's a mandate for hybrid (2-3 days in the office per week) in January, but I, and I think most of my team will continue to WFH as much as possible. Maybe 1 day in the office a week? I'm quite happy WFH 100% - I find my productivity has gone up - mostly as people don't come to my desk to...
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    The seemingly terminal decline of Tim Hortons

    Timmies' dark roast coffee is OK. Not as good as (from my distant memory) of their coffee from the mid-late 2000's coffee when I frequented them very often. My biggest problem with their coffee in general though, is the consistency. Sometimes it's good, usually it's OK, and sometimes it's...
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    Toronto | 75 on The Esplanade | 99.97m | 29s | Harhay | a—A

    It would be nice if we could have nice man hole covers:
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    Toronto | 351 Lake Shore East | 151m | 49s | Great Gulf | SHL Architects

    Wow that does look pretty amazing. I would like to see more emphasis on the lake promenade though - it looks like there's going to be a road there? :(
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    Toronto | 21 Broadview | 39.97m | 12s | Streetcar | CEBRA architecture

    I really like the renders - I hope the execution will be just as good. My only "nitpick" is that I'd like to see wider sidewalks on Broadview. The benches and steps and all are nice, but a bit more room for pedestrian traffic would be a bonus.
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    Toronto | 44 Broadway Avenue | ?m | 39s | Collecdev | KPMB

    That's a nice modern church facade. I like it a lot.
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    Toronto | Pier 27 Phase 3 | 149.95m | 45s | Cityzen | a—A

    To some extent, that goes for the surrounding condo's too (Pinnacle One Yonge). I'm sure any increase will be a win for the developer though.
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    St Lawrence Market

    Yeah I'm quite undecided about the street changes. It feels complicated and idiosyncratic which is not good street planning IMHO. The new arrows at Esplanade / Jarvis will be a big help alongside the no left turn sign though. Should've done that at the same time honestly.
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    St Lawrence Market

    We noticed the new no-left sign and at first went straight, and did a U-ish loop around the temp farmer's market tent to eventually go south on Jarvis. But seeing how nobody else was following it, we just ignore it too. :( IIRC, there was a time where there was a dedicated left turn lane, just...