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    Toronto | Crosstown Line 5 West Extension | ?m | ?s | Metrolinx

    Also... elevators? Why we would NOT have a Skytrain and prefer to have an at grade system to the airport blows my mind.
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    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    That gate 193 area is awful currently, parts of the hallway isn't even like 3 meters wide / run of out seats for waiting passengers with little amenities. I hope if they're planning to expand capacity, they at least make that area more palatable and tied in with the overall terminal aesthetic...
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    Union Station LRT Loop Reconfiguration (TTC, Proposed)

    I think the moving walkway is a great idea. Only 500M to cover - shorter than some examples from around the world at major interchange stations. I think also similar to the YYZ Terminal 1 international walkway? It's definitely better than the cable car idea, which would require additional wait...
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    Would cut and cover save a significant amount of money? Seems like the suburban location would allow for it...
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    TTC: Sheppard Subway Extension (Proposed)

    They should weigh the 2 options that are similar in length - I think 2 makes more sense with density and possible stations at Vic Park and Agincourt Smarttrack. Then then can lump in part of Sheppard LRT funding also. Option 1: Line 2 extension 1 station from Kennedy to Scarborough Centre Option...
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    Don Mills to Scarborough Centre is 9km. From Kennedy, it's 8km. Might not be a bad idea to replace the 1 stop subway with Sheppard & hit Victoria Park / Agincourt SmartTrack. Then the SMLRT can be a big loop from Kennedy, east on Eglinton, up Morningside, west on Sheppard to around Agincourt...
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    Wonder if cut and cover has been looked at to save costs and perhaps get a compromise. If there's any subway in Toronto, given that it follows 2 roads closely, the roads being pretty wide with a lot of grass and parking lots on the side, without any stations... in the inner suburbs. Seems like...
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    Here's what I think Scarborough and hopefully the city could buy off on: - SRT upgrade to LRT, subway really doesn't make sense for the amount of money and stop(s) - To buy peace in the land, use $s on something that...
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    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    Tuck, I did a quick analysis of numbers earlier! ===== LA Gold Line 1.8 km per stop with parts elevated Calgary C train 1.3 km per stop LA Expo Line 1.3 km per stop with parts elevated Waterloo LRT 1.2 km per stop Ottawa LRT 1.0 km per stop with parts underground Mississauga LRT 1.0 km per stop...
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    Toronto | Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design) | ?m | ?s

    With the announcement of the Spadina-Front GO station, wonder if this station will now be worked into the DRL plan as an extra station... Or else this Union Station west concept wouldn't really work.
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    It's a good point that going back to a elevated RT at all would be challenging for the SRT, but remember under the original Ford plan the SRT was elevated and connected to an underground Eglinton and that seemed bought off on. Honestly showing any map with 3 LRT lines is DOA to some...
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    TTC/Metrolinx: Scarborough Subway Extension

    Scarborough needs to be bought off with some kind of plan in order for us to put in revenue tools for the Relief Line. Too bad Miller's team branded the SRT refresh a LRT and lumped it with the Sheppard/Finch surface LRTs when it's a true-grade separated line. We may be spending millions now...
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    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    Question is is Eglinton West meant to be a RT to the airport or just a local service? Is Finch meant to be a RT connection to Humber College or just a local service? Is Sheppard LRT meant to be a subway replacement? I think a tram style LRT makes way more sense downtown. But in these suburbs -...
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    Metrolinx: Finch West LRT

    Some quick math shows some clear concerns for the Transit City LRTs. Seems like the plans are not clear as to if this is a local tram or true rapid transit. If Toronto wants to implement LRT and have citizens signed off on it as a real subway replacement, I really think they need to look at...
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    TTC Cartography, Signage, and Wayfinding

    What's happening to this station signage update anyway? Is it still happening?