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    Toronto | Elle Condos | 54.25m | 15s | iKore | TACT Architecture

    Was on a bus heading south on Brimley and there was a crane up on the northwest corner of the intersection at Ellesmere. I am not aware of any other developments in the area, so I assume it will be this one. @interchange42
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    GO Transit: Construction Projects (Metrolinx, various)

    Milliken GO Station Construction, from July 25th
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    Toronto | Gallery Square | ?m | 16s | Remington Group | BDP Quadrangle

    I apologize for the low quality of photos/lack of photos recently, but I believe there are currently four cranes on this project, if anybody could go out and verify this that would be great! Phase 2 Gallery Towers is progressing well, with Phase 1 continuing well with cladding installation.
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    Toronto | Amica at Unionville | 34.56m | 9s | Rockport Group | CMV

    Crane here has been removed for quite a while now @interchange42
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    Toronto | Canvas on the Rouge | ?m | 6s | Flato Developments

    As per Flato Development's instagram
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    Toronto | Pavilia Towers | ?m | 36s | Times Group | Icke Brochu

    From Life Construction's webcam. Looks like there might be a crane removal soon, as of last night the crane was not removed yet.
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    Toronto | UnionCity | ?m | 44s | Metropia

    Current Proposal, Recommended for Approval for Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications Building A (40-storeys) and Building B (44-storeys) located along the rail corridor with a shared, five-level above-grade parking structure Building C (36-storeys) located at the...
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    Downtown Markham

    Markham Centre Secondary Plan Update/Development Concepts - More Information Here
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    Toronto | 10 Royal Orchard | 193.5m | 59s | Greenpark | Graziani + Corazza
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    TTC: McNicoll Bus Garage (Approved)

    Found this really neat piece of history the other day and wanted to share - the trees are located at the western edge of the employee parking lot next to Kennedy.