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  1. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | L-Tower | 205m | 58s | Cityzen | Daniel Libeskind

    I'm more interested in learning about new build condos that DON'T have flooding problems. My hypothesis: Developers go cheap on construction while creating artificial 1-st year condo corp budgets. The shoddy construction is slowly revealed as building problems arise and are validated in each...
  2. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | 80 Bloor Street West | 266m | 79s | Krugarand | Giannone Petricone

    The bottom of this building definitely disrupts the flow of the tower. Regardless, I'd still take it out for dinner, make sweet love to it, and then ghost it before breakfast.
  3. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | Tower at Pier 27 | 115m | 35s | Cityzen | architectsAlliance

    This tower, specifically its podium, absolutely crowds out the gorgeous existing Pier 27 buildings. What a shame.
  4. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | 20 Maitland | 145m | 45s | Plaza | Quadrangle

    Yes exactly. This is a perfect example of a developer trying to get away with the bare minimum, which we so whole-heartedly accept here in Toronto. The city needs to specifically demand this developer used a brick veneer in place of the spandrel or no approval of any sort. Done. Take a stand...
  5. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | 308 Jarvis | 108m | 34s | Graywood | Turner Fleischer

    It's still standing. Make the developer restore the facade at least. If they can't find the cause/culprit, there is no way they can allow the developer to "benefit".
  6. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | St Lawrence Market North | 25m | 5s | City of Toronto | Rogers Stirk Harbour

    $100 says it get lit up and put atop a building in Dundas Square
  7. Roy G Biv

    Wealthsimple Stadium (Ad Company Geniuses, 0s, Août Poisson Architects)

    I'm a Millennial but had to google "eSports stadium". Just as I thought: it's a big arcade.
  8. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | 8 Gloucester Street | 110m | 34s | Angel | Graziani + Corazza

    This is the exact situation where the City needs to just say no because this building is ugly. There is so much development here that the City should have leverage over developers. Why shut down the only gay dance bar left in the city to building something that is already excessive in Toronto...
  9. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | The One | 309m | 85s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    But more importantly, why is the pool-water at 1 Bloor E green? 🤢
  10. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | One6Nine Jones Townhomes | ?m | 4s | Lifestyle Homes | Open

    Oh, what a mess.... Are the ugly EIFS 2nd/3rd floor facades the result of value engineering or was this the plan the whole time?
  11. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | College Park Revitalization with Barbara Ann Scott Skate Trail | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | RAW Design

    Even little fences around the base of each tree would do. Just need to keep the urine out of the critical root zone. I doubt you need to fence out to the boundary of the drip zone.
  12. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | College Park Revitalization with Barbara Ann Scott Skate Trail | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | RAW Design

    Everything turns into a dog toilet. Follow the egress to any newish park, and the first tree available will be dead or dying. Guess why? I don't understand why the city doesn't protect trees from dog urine. Maybe put up decorative posts at the entries of all parks which can serve us an output...
  13. Roy G Biv

    Church-Wellesley Village

    Fly is closing on June 30th. Apparently this time "for good", as the building is to be demolished for a condo (obviously). The Village loses its only proper dance club...
  14. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | Selby, The | 166m | 50s | Tricon House | bKL Architecture

    I've been 3 times now. The food was always good, but the service is still a work-in-progress.
  15. Roy G Biv

    Toronto | Massey Tower Condos | 207m | 60s | MOD Developments | Hariri Pontarini

    Looks great from the West. Looks pretty bad from the North. The North face looks like a different building, and not in a good way. Overall design is not coherent.