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    Smart House | 83m | 25s | Urban Capital | architectsAlliance COMPLETE

    Looks to me like the positioning of the coloured glass on the balconies is opposite of the renderings.
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    Emerald Park Condos | 129m | 40s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli COMPLETE

    Wow. This building is such a joke. Feel horrible for the people that invested in this stinker :/
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    Toronto | DNA3 | ?m | 15s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

    This came on for just a few minutes last night. Had no idea it was supposed to be lit up! Just made a cool building even cooler. Just wondering if that's gonna be annoying for the tenants though.
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    Aura at College Park | 272m | 78s | Canderel | Graziani + Corazza

    I've been wondering this for quite some time too. I saw it the one night it was on months ago during nuit blanche and never again. It looks so nice when it's on!