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    Toronto | 330 Richmond | 94m | 27s | Greenpark | Core Architects

    Blah. But I adore the ‘Peter Pan’ building.
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    Toronto | Form Condos | 51m | 14s | Tridel | architectsAlliance

    Interesting hmmm. It is an interesting concept for a residential building with a great location. The retail floor seems low. Perhaps that’s only the photo. The front/side with the overhang will make a great location for a patio.
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    Toronto | Mirvish+Gehry Toronto | 329m | 91s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    I agree. One’s formative years can be very impactful both positive and negative. I believe they stick with you for life. - I love this white building with the black accent windows and hope it stays put. - Saying Gehry is cookie cutter is nonsense at best - The proposed Gehry edifice is...
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    577 Yonge Street

    This building is a gem.
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    Toronto | Garden District Condos | 100m | 32s | Hyde Park | architectsAlliance

    Why blame the innocent owners. Blame the squatters/intruders who started the fire.
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    Toronto | TeaHouse 501 Yonge Condominiums | 171m | 52s | Lanterra | architectsAlliance

    I agree! Bring on the cladding for the parking structure. The cladding will make or break this !
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    Toronto | 483 Bay | 227m | 70s | Northam | IBI Group

    I remember when the existing building was built. I thought it was dark and hulking then and still do. I’ve also thought Bay Street was/is neglected and still is. All the action was on Yonge but urban renewal (read Eaton Centre etc.) brought destruction and ruin to a large swath. That was all the...
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    10 Dundas East (former Toronto Life Square, Ent Prop Trust, 10s, Baldwin & Franklin)

    Here we go. I want more light! I want more dazzle! I want this this to have more sparkle like New York City! I want! I want! But oh not that much.
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    Toronto | Clover on Yonge, The | 148m | 44s | Cresford | architectsAlliance

    I do like that it almost appears to be 2 different buildings.
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    Toronto | Don Summerville Apartments Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | TCHC

    Looking good I must say. I've recently move to the general area (Queen E./Lelsie)in June '19 and like to go for walks along Queen E. I usually walk west towards Broadview so this will improve this more eastern streetscape a lot. Hopefully with some interesting retail/restos etc. Meanwhile does...
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    Toronto | 20 Maitland | 145m | 45s | Plaza | Quadrangle

    Due to the fact that the house is part of our dwindling heritage. The unique Victorian architecture that was part of the beginning of modern Toronto. The fact that this cannot be replaced. IMO that the proposed edifice is not unique nor Of architectural interest. The proposed tower is a dime a...
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    Toronto | Artists' Alley | 122m | 39s | Lanterra | Hariri Pontarini

    I think I'm going to love!
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    Toronto | 20 Maitland | 145m | 45s | Plaza | Quadrangle

    Keep the mansion for sure. Otherwise another soulless high rise.