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    Next Mayor of Toronto?

    What I find most interesting here is that 500 provincial civil servants are being tasked to spend their Monday afternoon campaigning for Smitherman - at the taxpayer's expense.
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    Selling - Realtor Recommendations?

    Thanks everyone for the responses. neuhaus - I'm not sure TL has many agents; it may have changed in the last couple of years but the impression I got is that it was a one-man show (Edwin) with some admin staff to help him out. Agree about the site, always great pictures and floorplans, he...
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    Top five signs of a bad real estate agent

    Not only the sign of a bad agent, but also a stupid one: When buying my place, the realtor I dealt with made mistakes and did very little work to earn their commission - I would argue I did more work chasing up lawyers and rectifying their mistakes. I digress from the main point - when the...
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    Selling - Realtor Recommendations?

    Hey everyone. I'm looking at selling my loft in the next 6 months. I've only been living in Toronto for 3 years and as such don't have a huge network of friends and have no family to refer a decent realtor to me. Nobody at work has bought or sold recently. The realtor I used when buying my...