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    Jasonzed's myDrone Activity of Toronto and Area

    How are you getting shots in so many of these locations that are no-fly-zones?
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    Donlands area?

    I was actually looking at a house on strathmore for sale and it turns out that it is likely one of the houses to be expropriated... with demolition right across the street! Absolute decrease in land value + MAJOR headache!
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    Donlands area?

    I heard about the 2nd entrance (exit only?) planned for the donlands station which could be disruptive... Sadly I don't like pakistani food but there does appear to be a number of "western chains" west of dewhurst which is the kind of food I like! :)
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    Donlands area?

    Does anyone live (or has recently lived) in the Donlands area? Seems like it has turned around, has a number of good shops in the area... I know there is some planned TTC construction in the area to add a 2nd entrance to the donlands subway station.. What do you like or dislike about the...
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    Overnight visitor parking?

    Basically everywhere in downtown Toronto has no parking after midnight. For those of you living in houses/semi's in Toronto, what do you do with your guests who may stay the night or at least late - past midnight?
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    Semi-detached... noise issues?

    As I am looking to buy a house in toronto just about 95% of the ones that suit my requirements end up being semi-detached houses. I prefer detached but I don't think I'm particularly off-put by a semi. My concern, however - is what I might not know. I currently live in a ~3 year old condo...
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    Am I crazy to buy a house?

    I am currently young and single - and I'm looking to buy a house. Certainly there are a lot of people buying condos but having rented a condo for a while I have decided it's not for me. On the flip side, a house can be pretty big. The only addition I foresee is a dog - but am I wrong in...
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    Neighbourhood "map" with info?

    I am looking to buy a house in downtown Toronto and have come to realize I don't really know all that much about the various pockets of Toronto. Is there any tool or easy way to find out more information about a specific area? - Types of residents (young, familes, ethnicity, etc.) - Nearby...