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    FREED Development Reputation

    You're right, though Tridel has gone a long way with a reputation for good interior build quality.
  2. junctionist

    Toronto Coach Terminal 610 Bay St (City of Toronto, ?s, ?)

    The beautiful Art Deco interior should definitely be preserved and restored to its original splendour, as well.
  3. junctionist

    Toronto | Regent Park: Daniels Artworks Tower | 105.76m | 33s | Daniels | BDP Quadrangle

    These retaining walls are a wonderful improvement over the typical utilitarian cast-in-place concrete retaining walls you see on too many condo projects.
  4. junctionist

    Toronto | 25 Old York Mills | 42.05m | 12s | Agricola Finnish Lutheran Church | IBI Group

    I'm a huge fan of terracing requirements when stepping down to low-rise neighbourhoods. They preserve natural light and privacy for neighbours, which are factors which contribute to the livability of a neighbourhood. The purchasers of the condo units get attractive terraces, which make the units...
  5. junctionist

    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    They look like concrete pavers, but I agree, they're nice. Stone slabs or setts can be even nicer than those pavers, with a more organic texture, more variations in colour, and more lustre.
  6. junctionist

    St. Anne's Anglican Church (St. Annes, ?s, ?)

    With interior art by the Group of Seven, this church should be designated a National Historic Site of Canada.
  7. junctionist

    Distillery District

    One of the major Christian churches should organize another European-style Christmas market with the idea of raising money for charities. They'll always call it a Christmas market.
  8. junctionist

    Toronto | St Lawrence Market North | 25.3m | 5s | City of Toronto | Rogers Stirk Harbour

    I agree. There should have been a high-quality public realm planned in conjunction with this project instead of the utilitarian sidewalks that are being installed. The trees have a tiny amount of soil surface and are still probably going to get destroyed by salt in the winter and a lack of...
  9. junctionist

    Toronto | 980 Lansdowne Avenue | 101.14m | 36s | Neudorfer | Gabriel Bodor

    Why is Dupont and Lansdowne treated like an architectural garbage dump by the development industry?
  10. junctionist

    Toronto | Therme Spa at Ontario Place | ?m | ?s | Therme Group | Diamond Schmitt

    The focus at Ontario Place should still be on celebrating Ontario's culture and place in the world. I'd be a lot more receptive to this project if there was a focus on celebrating Ontario's culture instead of the escapist interiors seen in the renderings.
  11. junctionist

    Toronto | Tretti Condos | 45.11m | 13s | Collecdev | gh3

    I can see both sides. There's some great condo architecture here for the city, but the use of colour definitely misses the mark. There's too much grey.
  12. junctionist

    Toronto | 77 James Street North (Hamilton) | ?m | 30s | Harlo | srm Architects

    But hey, it's "dated". So to heck with architectural value. Bring on the generic "contemporary" project.
  13. junctionist

    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    From an optimist's perspective, this project seems like the next generation of development in the city. The quality of the materials and the architectural expression makes one hopeful that what we see here will become the norm over the next 20 years.
  14. junctionist

    398 Leslie Street (UrbinCo, 4s, Studio JCI)

    Not bad. Toronto already has its share of duplexes and multiplexes, but we need thousands and thousands more to respond to the demand for housing with something better than tiny condos in towers with awkward layouts. Usually, the architecture of existing multiplexes is as dull as dishwater...
  15. junctionist

    Toronto | Park Lawn GO Station | 12.83m | 2s | First Capital | Hatch

    Trees make urban environments a lot more pleasant from a psychological perspective and help with air quality. They have a calming effect on people. The wealthiest neighbourhoods tend to have a lot of healthy trees. But it's hard to get enough space so that they can grow healthily in dense urban...