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    Toronto | 4872 Dundas West | 15.57m | 4s | GGRF Dundas Development Corporation | Peter Del Grosso Design

    It's a run-of-the-mill Edwardian Foursquare house that seems out of place on a main street. It might have a connection to the original families of the area when it was a small town, but it seems unremarkable on its own. I'm not thrilled about the replacement, but at least we're getting increased...
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    Toronto | 2 Tecumseth | 108.5m | 30s | TAS | KPMB

    Downtown always gets the good stuff. If this same site were outside of downtown, the city would fight the loss of "employment lands" tooth and nail. The end result would be a large parking lot, some big box retail, and a lot of stormwater runoff into the sewers.
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    Roads: Ambassador & Gordie Howe Bridges

    The location of the bridge isn't the most attractive for walking. But over time, it could change. It's nice to see infrastructure conducive to progressive changes, as opposed to the MTO's treatment of freeway interchanges as a pedestrian and cycling no man's land. Over time, what was once a...
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    Toronto | 4872 Dundas West | 15.57m | 4s | GGRF Dundas Development Corporation | Peter Del Grosso Design

    The design details look uninspired. The columns along the lane make you wonder if one day a service vehicle will crash into one of them and take the whole building down.
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    Hudson's Bay Centre Renovations (Brookfield, ?s, ?)

    A giant blank wall of concrete for the Bloor Street streetscape and a generic office tower. This location has deserved better for decades.
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    Toronto | Massey Hall Revitalization at the Allied Music Centre | 48.46m | 6s | KPMB

    Right now, the exterior looks like a cacophony of design elements. Hopefully, it'll end up looking harmonious in the end.
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    Toronto | The Gloucester on Yonge | 147.82m | 44s | Concord Adex | a—A

    Trees would soften the sterility of the wall of glass along Yonge Street, which is an unfortunate design alternative to Yonge Street's charming (if often neglected) Victorian storefronts.
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    Liberty Village Public Realm and Community Services and Facilities Study

    One issue that comes up with parks built on top of parking garages is that when it comes time to rehabilitate the deck, you have to cut down all the trees in the park.
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    Toronto | SmartCentres Eglinton West | 110.8m | 35s | SmartCentres | Turner Fleischer

    If everything else is equal in terms of construction quality and location, the bland building is inferior in quality to the attractive building. Design tends to elicit an emotional response in people, which is desirable from an investment standpoint. In residential real estate, houses with...
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    Toronto | 4800 Yonge Street | 168.24m | 49s | Menkes | Arquitectonica

    It's like a sailboat... a landlocked community for some reason.
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    The Junction

    That's odd. But I never went to Starbucks anyway. The area has too many great independent businesses like Claudia's Coffee across the street to care about a big American chain in the midst of abandoning walkable city locations in favour of suburban drive-through locations.
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    Toronto | 260 High Park Avenue | ?m | 4s | Medallion Capital | Turner Fleischer

    The architects chose a beautiful colour of brick a century ago, which was hard to appreciate prior to the restoration.
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    Fortune at Fort York | 78.94m | 24s | Onni Group | IBI Group COMPLETE

    That's my concern, too. It'll be hard for the area to evolve over time when all the buildings are large scale, and it isn't exactly perfect. City planning needs to hold districts like this one to a higher standard in planning because of how permanent the built form will likely be. Perhaps the...
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    Toronto | SmartCentres Eglinton West | 110.8m | 35s | SmartCentres | Turner Fleischer

    If you're looking at investment, better built and higher-quality buildings tend to be better investments. Better buildings won't need as much maintenance and will encourage better maintenance and development on surrounding properties. They'll draw a broader range of potential buyers. Most...