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  1. junctionist

    Toronto | 1200 Bay | 324.00m | 87s | ProWinko | Herzog & de Meuron

    I hope it's not another chapter of Toronto getting the world's best architects to build their least remarkable projects here.
  2. junctionist

    3100 Bloor St West (Tridel?, ?, ?)

    The renderings show little retail space relative to how wide the frontage is on Bloor Street. The prominent corner looks like it'll be a large condo lobby. Then, there's some dead space followed by a retail space, followed by a section of ground-level condos with some forgettable landscaping...
  3. junctionist

    Toronto | U of T: UTSC Instructional Centre II | 27.10m | 5s | U of T | CEBRA architecture

    UTSC is like one landmark after the other, and it's quite satisfying in this case.
  4. junctionist

    Piano Towns (1025 Dupont @ Westmoreland, Grid Developments, 3s, George Popper)

    It's an interesting design, but a few of the details look off. The hydro metres, for instance, are too prominent. They should have been tucked away somewhere. The metal panel cladding looks neither tough or durable. The entrances to the townhouses could have been warm and inviting. Instead...
  5. junctionist

    Toronto | U Condominiums | 184m | 56s | Pemberton | architectsAlliance

    I really like the sculpture. It makes me wonder if the cartoonish donkey was hit by a car on Bay Street, as so many people drive aggressively and cause a lot of accidents there. So it reminds me of how much damage our culture of prioritizing driver convenience in the city causes us. Also, it...
  6. junctionist

    Eglinton West LRT | Metrolinx

    We'd have amazing transit if your TTC fare could get you on one of these trains without additional charges (or some nominal amount like $0.25). That's also how you drive ridership up to make the project look successful and like a good use of taxpayers' dollars to justify further service...
  7. junctionist

    Toronto | Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Toronto | 204m | 52s | Lifetime | architectsAlliance

    Those leafy narrow streets of beautifully restored Victorians at Yorkville's north end are among my favourite streets in the city.
  8. junctionist

    Toronto | 50 Scollard | 147.62m | 41s | Lanterra | Foster + Partners

    The model is really helpful in terms of understanding the interaction with Scollard Street. I'm no longer concerned about that since the POPS looks like it'll add interest to the streetscape and contitute versatile open space. On the other hand, the way it meets Bay Street still looks dull.
  9. junctionist

    Toronto | Regent Park: Block 1 | 85.05m | 25s | Daniels | superkül

    Me too. I'm even among the rare few who have a soft spot for the brick Brutalism of the Crossways.
  10. junctionist

    Toronto | 50 Scollard | 147.62m | 41s | Lanterra | Foster + Partners

    We'll see. I find that too many towers in the city are meant to look good from a certain distance, but the walls of glass and spandrels along the street end up feeling dull and forgettable. As to the south wall, this image makes it look like a sea of grey about the width of about 3 or 4...
  11. junctionist

    Toronto Weston Flea Market future redevelopment (Old Weston Rd, n of St. Clair W, ?, ?s, ?)

    I agree with the need to protect and expand the city's commercial base, but the warehousing and manufacturing users want to be next to major freeways nowadays and not in the middle of dense urban neighbourhoods where trucks struggle to navigate the streets without damaging poles, hydro...
  12. junctionist

    Toronto Weston Flea Market future redevelopment (Old Weston Rd, n of St. Clair W, ?, ?s, ?)

    I think they're being unreasonable about it. No one is willing to build factories in areas like this one that require huge plots of land. If there was that much demand for office space, you could replace so many of those two-storey buildings on streets like St. Clair with midrise office...
  13. junctionist

    Toronto | 50 Scollard | 147.62m | 41s | Lanterra | Foster + Partners

    The fact that it'll face Scollard with a wall of precast is concerning. The amount of glazing on the Bay Street facade is also concerning. One should be able to appreciate the architecture when walking by, and the facade shouldn't have significant dead zones along the street. If all you can see...
  14. junctionist

    GO Transit: Davenport Diamond Grade Separation

    With an overpass, you can often see if there's someone up there from the street and on the other side before you cross. With an underpass, you don't necessarily know until you've descended down the stairs. There's less visibility.
  15. junctionist

    Toronto Weston Flea Market future redevelopment (Old Weston Rd, n of St. Clair W, ?, ?s, ?)

    Someone at the Reunion Crossing sales centre suggested that they might build rental apartments here, though I'm not sure about that in light of the zoning. Realistically, what demand is there for commercial development at this location? If they can only get big box retail, they might as well do...