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    OMB Reform

    We are talking about the City of Toronto, right? Planners are required to apply local policies to new development applications. Most if not all new policies are brought forward by council and are if not overtly anti-development, drafted to put more control in local councillors hands.
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    OMB Reform

    The new body will have to consider provincial policy, and municipal policy, and determine whether or not the decision by council was in conformity with those policies. Municipal policy is so vague that a 5 storey building and a 50 storey building could at the same time be in conformance with...
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    Toronto | 60 Atlantic | ?m | 3s | Hullmark | Quadrangle

    60 Atlantic Phase 1. Photograph by A Frame.
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    Jack Condos, The | 39m | 11s | Aspen Ridge | Quadrangle COMPLETE

    As long as they stick with the limestone facade, this will be a beauty. Otherwise, with precast or (gasp!) stucco this would be awful! Quality materials make all the difference in the world.
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    Toronto | Fashion House | ?m | 12s | Freed | Core Architects

    The second two floors are office. The Keg is just the first floor.
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    Toronto | 33 Avenue Road | 125m | 29s | First Capital | BBB

    What makes mid rise development along the avenues difficult is a combination of the following; fragmented ownership into small parcels, insufficient lot depth, rental unit replacement rules, valuation of existing retail is already high, one size fits all loading/services standards, and less...
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    Toronto | 33 Avenue Road | 125m | 29s | First Capital | BBB

    There are already over 8 buildings along Yorkville over 10 stories. Not to mention the transit infrastructure in place here - its the perfect location (yorkville) for density.
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    Toronto | 33 Avenue Road | 125m | 29s | First Capital | BBB

    They may have done it to improve leverage to negotiate more section 37, it happens. However, you are unable to appeal heritage listing/designation to the OMB. They don't have the jurisdiction.
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    Toronto | 33 Avenue Road | 125m | 29s | First Capital | BBB

    That doesn't tell the entire story... MPAC also looks at comparable land sales in the area and raises taxes to the landowner based on the site being a condo site regardless of what is there currently/historically. This is happening throughout the city where owner of heritage building gets...
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    Toronto | 33 Avenue Road | 125m | 29s | First Capital | BBB

    I may be wrong, but I believe the retail isn't at grade, although the entrances from the street are... You walk in and then have to walk up stairs. So it IS both inaccessible (from a code perspective - wheelchair access) and split level. Great retail this building will never have, and...
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    Toronto | 33 Avenue Road | 125m | 29s | First Capital | BBB

    Another example of how Toronto is scared to grow up. I value heritage, but heritage value is subjective and applied arbitrarily in the City. Developers build condo's because there is a demand for condo's - in the form of rental units. For as long as there is a demand for people to live...
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    Toronto | Bathurst College Centre | ?m | 4s | RioCan | Turner Fleischer

    And then the neighbourhood to the west complains about shadow impact and eyes in their backyards. Developers cant win!
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Another way to think of the name is the traditional drinking 'well' as a centre of a community, a gathering place, etc. So The Well touches upon the location, as well as some abstract concept of being the centre of a new community. Am I reading too much into this?
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    Toronto | Panda Condominiums | 108m | 30s | Lifetime | Turner Fleischer

    Interim use for 10 years? It's not so unusual.