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    Rogers Centre Renovations

    Being able to bury Bremner under a new stadium might reopen the possibility of running a streetcar into Union from that direction. I thought about Ontario Place but that makes for a very high pressure transportation situation if BMO has an event (or the Ex is on)
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    Rogers Centre Renovations

    Would almost certainly be the basis of the City being able to save face and say "look what we got in exchange" edit to specify - and only between Spadina and the Metro Convention crossing at most
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    Toronto | 1325 The Queensway | 126m | 37s | Tribute | Graziani + Corazza

    Have been thinking about this since I first went to the Galway Arms in late 2003. They are gonna wait until there is 30 storeys lining the entire goddamn length from Royal York to Sherway, and the Queensway bus is nose to tail like on Eglinton, and then think "huh, maybe it is time to massively...
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    Toronto | Sunnybrook Plaza Redevelopment | 56m | 16s | RioCan | Turner Fleischer

    Hope the Siam Square folks open somewhere else - they had decent food. Nothing on their FB since covid.
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    Is Andy Byford, the new TTC GM, the leader we've been waiting for?

    Being stuck in UK due COVID turned out to be somewhat convenient! Need the job, guvnor, gotta pay the bills, sorry NY/NJ it's been fun etc.
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    VIA Rail

    Where was the CN-CP connecting track supposed to go?
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    VIA Rail

    if you think flying in Canada is cheap you have never taken a Ryanair flight.
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    Bombardier Downsview Lands (Northcrest-Canada Lands, Henning Larsen)
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    VIA Rail

    The reason “we” pick? I suspect VIA has many different customer strata for the same reason it has several economy and business ticker types
  10. dowlingm

    VIA Rail

    It did come in on a train. I suspect that for some reason, presumably O-Train related, it was more convenient to truck to a freight yard than to arrange a freight run to fetch from NRC?
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    King Street (Streetcar Transit Priority)

    Stop being so precious. Plenty of people care about this issue. What we haven’t figured out is what it will take for those in authority to care.
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    VIA Rail

    If people want a forward seat then VIA should provide the option to specify the seat in advance as an up sell, as the airlines do. Additional fare income and earlier booking: win win!
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    Fare evasion on the TTC...

    I saw some reference to the massive increase in ticket issuance on Twitter this morning... but isn’t that about when all door boarding on streetcars began, before which there wasn’t much enforcement because there was a reliance on people being ashamed to pass the operator without paying? The...
  14. dowlingm

    Is Andy Byford, the new TTC GM, the leader we've been waiting for?

    Interesting that he says he’s staying in NYC. Some NJ folks on Twitter want him to come fix their system.