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    Dwell City Towns (427 & Rathburn, Menkes, ?s, ?) (was Sell-Off Condos)

    Not only are the deposits held in trust, but Tarion will further insure them. Condominium purchasers are protected for the loss of a deposit up to $20,000. I doubt that Tarion could answer any questions, because I don't think the builder is in breach of there agreement. Unless a builder is in...
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    Dwell City Towns (427 & Rathburn, Menkes, ?s, ?) (was Sell-Off Condos)

    I am confident that purchasers will soon be getting a letter stating the project is cancelled.
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    Dwell City Towns (427 & Rathburn, Menkes, ?s, ?) (was Sell-Off Condos)

    Does any one know the status of Holiday Towers /Sell Off Condos? Is the project offically cancelled? Any thoughts on what went wrong?
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    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    Below is the Toronto Real Estate Boards numbers for the GTA for August. GTA REALTORS® Report Monthly Resale Housing Figures TORONTO, September 3, 2010 ‐ Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 6,232 sales through the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in August 2010. This represented a 22 per...
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    iLoft Condos (Camrost-Felcorp) - Real Estate -

    I am probably one of the first move in dates, set at August 11. I am on the 5th floor (wish I would not have been so cheap and bought on a higher floor). It will be interesting tomorrow to see the finishes, not to mention how the size compares to my imagination. You sound like a purchaser, Did...
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    iLoft Condos (Camrost-Felcorp) - Real Estate -

    I have my PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) on thursday. It looks like we are almost there.
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    iLoft Condos (Camrost-Felcorp) - Real Estate -

    Minor 7th, I saw two very interesting units advertised on craigslist this week. Both advertised at good prices. Dan Dan Schlegel Sales Representative, Century 21 Regal Realty Inc, Brokerage
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    Immediately looking to buy for 2011/2012!!

    I have two units in California Condos (Mystic Point's Parklawn Area) that would be open to offers on. One is a west facing podium level " Sonoma " unit, 530 sq ft, the other is a East (city) view " Sonoma " unit, 545sq ft. The floor plans can be found on the builders site
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    700 sq. ft. floorplan for laneway loft with centre couryard

    I think the design deserves a lot of credit for being unique. I have not seen that type of concept before within an individual unit.
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    Toronto | California Condominiums | ?m | 32s | Camrost-Felcorp | Onespace

    The site looks promising to me. I think we will be pleased with our units when they are completed.
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    Condo Purchase for Investment

    I would be interested in hearing about current new build condo projects that others feel would be a good purchase for an investor. What project would you buy and why? Do you have examples of unit sizes and current prices?
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    "It's a renters market..." article and help with getting rent decreased

    Just have a truthful discussion with the landlord, and see if they will consider a lower rent to keep a good tenant. But to really have good bargaining leverage, you should be aware of a comparable unit that you like, and be willing to move if your landlord won't be able to lower your rent...
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    Waterscapes at Waterview Condos (Monarch Group) - Real Estate -

    Consider 15 Windermere Ave Ph07 $698,000 For Sale On MLS.CA it is W1715091 or pm me to email the listing. The market is incredible, but some of the high end units in South Etobicoke are still taking a while to sell. It may help your purchasing decision if you see how the resale units in...
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    Mortgage question

    Talk to your builder to see which bank they are working with. You will only get a mortgage commitment if a bank with a relationship with the builder is offering a program. The banks financing most new build projects are usually offering a program to purchasers of the project, and will lock in...
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    Red Hot Condos (Don Mills & Lawrence E., Camrost-Felcorp, 9s, Atkins) COMPLETE

    If you are in the area, go by to see the new mdel suites. The lauch for the new phase is on November 14th, and to Agents the 7th.