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    225-229 Queen St E (@ Sherbourne, ?, ?s, ?)

    IIRC - the $79,900 was the starting price for a unit in the condominium conversion of the National Trust tower, 7 - 15 King Street East, many years ago....
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    Toronto | 2 Tecumseth | 108.5m | 30s | TAS | KPMB

    Suspect that both of you are right. The sign also says co-presented by TAS. I believe that TAS is the owner of the building, and offered it to the Bentway Project for their use as part of their Playing in Public exhibition. TAS has used this building in the past for community consultations...
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    Fortune at Fort York (Onni) - Real Estate -

    FYI - closings cannot be done until a condominium corporation is REGISTERED. It is the act of registration which creates the individual titles on the Province's land titles registration registration system. And without a title, closings cannot take place - you cannot close on a property...
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    Toronto | 64-86 Bathurst | 68.3m | 17s | Hines | 3XN

    August 17 - Mid Morning Progress Update - Third building well on its way down. Three photos.
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    Toronto | 64-86 Bathurst | 68.3m | 17s | Hines | 3XN

    Two buildings are completely gone with demolition of a third building now underway, leaving two out of the original five structures on this site to go.
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    Time and Space Condos (Pemberton) - Real Estate -

    One detail to be aware of - when payments are made for upgrades, they do not generally go into the trust account maintained by their lawyer. The upgrade payments go directly to the developer's project specific corporation's bank account. When the Urbancorp bankruptcy took place, the purchasers...
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    Toronto | 55 Mercer | 155.5m | 47s | CentreCourt | IBI Group

    We were walking up Blue Jays Way recently, and I said to my wife that the rate of progress at 55 Mercer was an interesting comparison to Nobu, the building next door, which had started two years earlier. (Looked it up - demolition at Nobu started mid-August, 2018, and at 55 Mercer in...
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Up to now, all the concrete poured at the south-west corner residential building (Building D) of The Well have been either by bucket lifts, or occasionally for larger pours, by mobile concrete pump trucks. However, Building D now has its own, recently arrived, resident concrete pump and...
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Additional comment on the Wellington Street streetscaping. My understanding is: As part of the public domain and parkland dedication commitments for The Well project, the developers committed to upgrade the south side of Wellington between Spadina and Portland, landscape the parkette on the...
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    Toronto | 64-86 Bathurst | 68.3m | 17s | Hines | 3XN

    After a quiet few days following the initial burst of demolition activity earlier last week, a crew is back on site, and is now making quick progress on the second building to go - the back half of the black building is already down.
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    Toronto | 485 Wellington Street West | 51m | 14s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

    It looks like a bit more wait for the redevelopment of 485 Wellington West to start. The RETAIL FOR LEASE sign has been updated with a LEASED banner. Contractor staff were going in and out of the front door this morning. I did not get an opportunity to ask who our new (short term) neighbours...
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    August 11: Another milestone for The Well project - Landscaping of the Wellington Street boulevard is starting. The work is to be done in stages, with the first step being the boulevard in front of the 401 Wellington Street building. The boulevard areas, except for the walk path to the front...
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    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Two photos. First - after a slower spell, glazing on the west facade of the office tower has been moving along quickly this past week = now reaching the penthouse level. Second, the two tallest residential towers, Buildings D and E, are continuing to move up quickly. Apologies for the photo...
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    Toronto | 64-86 Bathurst | 68.3m | 17s | Hines | 3XN

    A couple more photos of the ongoing activities. Four construction access gates have been set up, Gate 1 is on Wellington Street West, towards the back property line, while Gates 2, 3, and 4 are on southbound side of Bathurst Street. A bit of a relief, as the impact on traffic (as well as the...
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    Toronto | 422 Wellington Street | 57.3m | 17s | Allied | a—A

    Looks like the sale of the Wellington House by Brad Lamb to Allied Properties Reit may have closed on schedule yesterday. All Brad Lamb project related signage has now been removed from the site. The security vehicle which has been parked in front of the south-east corner of the building is...