Peter Street Condominiums
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When your desire is to create a great building, you shift, shuffle, find space, reshape, rethink and re-evaluate every nuance to achieve perfection. At Peter Street Condominiums we’ve done all of that and more, the final result being an urban landmark that will redefine the skyscape and lifestyle of Toronto.

Peter Street Condominiums is about spectacular exterior and interior design. It’s about location, at the very heart of Canada’s most vibrant and exciting city. It’s about quality of life, bright airy residences with panoramic downtown views, and it’s about creating a healthy living environment with superior fitness and spa amenities managed exclusively by Totum LifeSciences®, one of Canada’s preeminent fitness and wellness consultants.

Peter Street Condominiums is about a stylish, contemporary street presence, an outstanding place to start and finish your day. But, most of all, Peter Street Condominiums is about you. So much so, in fact, that soon you too will be saying, “P.S. I Love You.”

Everyone needs to escape from time to time, but getting away from it all doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the neighbourhood you live in, especially if it’s as exciting and vibrant as the area surrounding Peter Street Condominiums.

From the moment when your feet touch the pavement, outside your front door, you can walk to just about anywhere you want to be. A charming Tuscan restaurant? It’s less than a block away. Your Bay Street office or big league sports? Both a few minutes by foot. Trendy fashions and European style cafés? Try Queen West, two blocks north. Broadway-style theatre or cozy jazz clubs? Yes, just a short walk away. The waterfront, parks, the streetcars and the subway to explore more of the city. All close by. Getting away from it all at Peter Street Condominiums often means staying close to home.

P.S. I Love My Neighbourhood.

We put a lot of thought into the amenity areas at Peter Street Condominiums. We thought about who would use them and how they’d be used. We thought about the huge empty areas at other condos. Then, we shook our collective heads, and decided to do things differently.

We hired Totum LifeSciences® Fitness to plan and create the Totum P.S. Club. Totum LifeSciences® is a well-known, well-respected operator of fitness clubs. Their management and staff are, quite simply, the best in the business and that’s exactly what you need if you plan to stay fit and healthy. Good health and being fit are important to longevity and, when you live at Peter Street Condominiums you’re going to want to hang around for the long haul.

P.S. We Love Feeling Great.

Address 338 Adelaide St W, Toronto, Ontario
Category Condo, Retail
Status Complete
Completion 2014
Number of Buildings 1
Height 426 ft / 129.84 m
Storeys 40
Number of Units 429

Developer CentreCourt
Interior Designer Cecconi Simone
Marketing & Press Brandon Communications
Realtor/Sales Milborne Group
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