DUKE Condos
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TAS, the Toronto-based developers acclaimed for their astute, responsive vision, are bringing DUKE Condos to the corner of Dundas Street West (DU) and Keele Street (KE), a project literally named for its location. A neighbourhood this full of imagination and independence requires a development that can meet the local mood and match it, beat for beat. DUKE fulfils every social, ecological and cultural requirement TAS sets for itself; this is Junction living at its integrated best. For its residents, its neighbours, and everyone else who will be drawn to it, DUKE Condos spell progress.

Slated for occupancy November 2015, sales for DUKE Condos begin fall 2013 while early-registration is currently available (www.junctionlife.ca). Square footage ranges from 450 sq. ft. to over 1600. Prices start in the low $200,000s. Count on six floors of residences above one floor of commercial space including all the top amenities - private terraces, party room and a fully up-to-date in-house gym. Most noteworthy however is the unique design of the building by Quadrangle Architects which maintains TAS's market leader status in design and innovation. An articulated brick façade - a geometric pattern of terraces and cantilevered living spaces creates a dynamic and modern presence on Dundas Street West.

The south side of the building features extended and sun-filled terraces that provide unobstructed views of the Junction neighbourhood. Live-Work designated lofts animate the laneway and feature a double height space to accommodate diverse studio activities. The penthouse includes two-storey 'through units' with windows on both the north and south sides allowing for natural air-flow and ventilation. The upper floors also feature wrap-around terraces with panoramic views of the city. The TAS team typically takes LEED standards as a starting point and supersedes them at every corner. DUKE is no exception, offering eco-features such as a green roof, in-suite energy recovery ventilators (ERV) and terraces lined with harvest planters for home gardening. Minimal footprint: maximum respect for a self-sustainable environment.

Thanks to creative partnerships fostered with local, cultural and alt-spirited initiatives, the boundary between DUKE and its vibrant location will be better than seamless. Visit the hugely popular TAS-sponsored Junction Flea market at the DUKE site every second Sunday from now until October to see local inspiration in local motion. Junction interior design firm Mason Studio, developed the highly stylized sales centre opening this September. As part of TAS's Four Pillars of Sustainability™, the sales office was designed and built by Junction area locals and almost all of the interior finishes and furnishing were sourced from local trades and artisans. Bringing not taking is a guiding TAS principle. The local economy itself must prosper, in diversity and shared sensibilities, that's a given at TAS.

"When we approach a new project we always approach it from the standpoint of shaping beautiful cities. We want to build a place that people can truly call home and be proud of. With DUKE we are creating an environment through partnerships and engaging with the local community, where the unique attributes of The Junction are reflected in the experience of living at our address," says Mazyar Mortazavi, President & CEO, TAS. "The Junction is a locally-driven, passionate group of families, artists and designers, business owners and innovators. We are excited to be a part of it."

Comfort, clean, conscience and culture in one of Toronto's hottest cool neighbourhoods. Work locally, shop locally and live locally, the best way Toronto knows how, with a café on every corner and a festival on your doorstep in a building that's a beacon for enlightened city dwelling - your home within a home. It feels like anything is possible in the Junction. Welcome to DUKE Condos. Welcome to Junction Life.

Address 2803 Dundas St. W., Toronto, Ontario, M6P 2J3
Category Residential (Condo), Commercial (Retail)
Status Complete
Completion 2017
Number of Buildings 1
Height 85 ft / 25.91 m
Storeys 7
Number of Units 85

Developer TAS
Architect BDP Quadrangle
Landscape Architect Brook McIlroy
Interior Designer Mason Studio, Brook McIlroy
Building Envelope Ontario Panelization
Green Infrastructure DeepRoot Green Infrastructure
Marketing & Press Faulhaber Communications
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