Clare R. Copeland Transformer Station
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Clare R. Copeland Station is a proposed transformer station that will provide service to an important part of Toronto’s downtown core. The station will help Toronto Hydro replace obsolete equipment at Windsor Station and will increase reliability and supply in Toronto's ever-growing City centre. The Bremner Station project forms part of Toronto Hydro’s PowerUp capital program – a key investment to improving future reliability of electricity supply.

The station will be built adjacent to Toronto’s landmark Roundhouse building at Bremner Boulevard and Rees Street. The project, coordinated with Hydro One and the Ontario Power Authority, is designed to increase future reliability of Toronto’s electricity supply.

Construction began in May 2013.

Address Bremner Blvd. at Rees St., Toronto, Ontario
Category Institutional
Status Complete

Developer Toronto Hydro
Architect IBI Group
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