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The art of Burano is a congruence of sculpture, painting, delicate lace and effervescent hues against a canvas of colourful homes on the maze of narrow streets that have existed for centuries. This is the inspiration for Burano on Bay — gleaming architecture that fuses the most privileged of lifestyles with the unique and colourful artistry of the island.

Here, existing side by side, is a gleaming testament to the ability of creative thinking to meld the whimsical with the functional, the aesthetic with the requisite. Burano on Bay is a journey from art to architecture and ultimately, a triumph of design.

There are legends about the colourful homes of Burano. Some say they were painted in bright colours to afford their fisherman owners a view of their boats. Others believe the fishermen, after a night of revelry, couldn't distinguish one house from the next and so they painted their homes in uniquely bright colours to make them recognizable when too much vino had been consumed.

Whatever the reason, the colours of Burano signal a fabulous lifestyle on Bay Street – close to Toronto's financial district. Here, surrounded by a city pulsating with clubs, restaurants, and entertainment, Burano will offer a new dimension in colourful living.

Address 832 Bay St., Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1B1
Category Residential (Condo)
Status Complete
Completion 2012
Number of Buildings 1
Storeys 48

Landscape Architect Janet Rosenberg & Studio
Interior Designer Studio Munge
Email burano@bakersales.info
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